Step Up Rock Wall & Ropes Course

Step Up Rock Wall Ropes Course

Welcome to the Wilkes University Step Up Rock Wall and Ropes Course in the University Center on Main (UCOM).

The Step Up Rock Wall and Ropes Course comprises our indoor challenge course here at Wilkes. Through the use of high (roped, in the air) and low (close to ground) elements as well as our 30 foot indoor rock climbing wall, Step Up offers experiential learning opportunities to Wilkes University students, faculty and staff; local high school students and the greater Wilkes-Barre community.

Some of the benefits of Step Up training include improved:

 Teamwork  Conflict Resolution
 Communication  Trust Building
 Goal Setting  Group Bonding
 Problem Solving  Mentoring
 Leadership  Overcoming Personal Fears

High-Rope vs. Low-Rope Events

In general terms, low ropes events lend themselves to more intensive team-building and improved communication, due mainly to the nature of the challenges. High ropes events tend to focus more on individual growth and overcoming adversity, while still in the context of operating as a member of a larger team.

All of our Low Ropes elements offer a variety of mental and physical challenges as well as fun for each individual. Low Ropes elements promote group bonding, trust, teamwork, conflict resolution, communication and problem solving within a group. Typically the groups on low elements range from five to approximately fifteen people.

One of the unique things about the Low Ropes course is that there are a variety of different elements that can be constructed using the same equipment. The challenges can be made skill-specific, depending on the goals of the group. The Low Ropes Course is deceiving since participants are not up in the air like the High Ropes, but in many ways it is just as challenging.

All of our High Ropes elements offer physical and mental challenges. Our High Ropes course is comprised of five elements: the Leap of Faith, Flying Squirrel, Vertical Playpen, Surfer’s Shuffle, and the Giant’s Ladder. Participants are confronted with a series of challenges that test their resolve, problem solving and leadership skills and trust for one another.

Challenges also examine individual and cultural similarities and differences. The course is a great tool for fostering personal and professional development. The facilitators of the Step Up Rock Wall and Ropes Course are Wilkes University staff, faculty and student leaders. The Step-Up staff represents diverse backgrounds and experiences that enhance our programming and helps to shape our initiatives, making each experience unique. The staff is trained and certified in belaying and facilitating challenge course elements. As part of their training, the staff must complete all of the low and high elements. Therefore, they know first-hand what challenges may arise, and they have the ability to relate to participants completing the course.

As an extension of our training, we now offer Step Up Corporate Training. We have established relationships with Leadership Wilkes-Barre as well as several other local businesses and non-profits. Step Up Corporate Training is an excellent way to develop trust, communication and problem-solving abilities among team members of any business or management level.