Student Financial Services Staff

General Information

The Office of Student Financial Services is located on the second floor in Capin Hall external website.

General office hours are Monday - Friday, 8:30am - 4:30pm EST. 

General Questions

Undergraduate Financial Aid
Phone: (570) 408-4512
Fax: (570) 408-4939
Graduate Financial Aid
Phone: (570) 408-7709
Fax: (570) 408-4939

Mailing Address

84 W South Street
Wilkes-Barre, PA 18766

Office Coordinator

Kayci Brady

Office Coordinator
Financial Aid

Capin Hall 203
(570) 408-4512

Undergraduate Financial Aid

Michelle Shadle

Financial Aid

Capin Hall Room 204A
(570) 408-4742

Erin Heffron

Financial Aid

Capin Hall 204B
(570) 408-5004

Graduate & Distance Learning Financial Aid

Robin Walker

Director Graduate Financial Aid and Compliance
Financial Aid

Capin Hall 305/3rd Fl
(570) 408-3839

Anthony Naro

Associate Director Graduate Financial Aid
Financial Aid

Capin Hall 304
(570) 408-3810

Erica Amen

Graduate Counselor
Financial Aid

Capin Hall 302
(570) 408-5881


Christy Snedeker

Director of Undergraduate Financial Aid
Financial Aid

Capin Hall 165 South Franklin Street
(570) 408-5011

Crystal Ondrick

Associate Director Undergrad Financial Aid
Financial Aid

Capin Hall 201 2nd FL
(570) 408-3837

Amy Terkowski

Assistant Director
Financial Aid

Capin Hall 203A
(570) 408-4409

Systems, Data & Technology

Justin Allabaugh

Associate Director of Digital Strategy
Registrars Office

Capin Hall 3/301
(570) 408-5080

Kelly Siegfried

Assoc Director Systems and Data
Enrollment Operations

Capin Hall 305
(570) 408-5125