Support for Adult Students


Adult students have special needs.

As an integral part of the greater Wilkes-Barre community, Wilkes University has maintained a tradition of providing innovative learning opportunities for the people in the region. That said, we make it our business to provide an intellectual home to our diverse adult constituencies.

  1. Visit University College, and the Center for Continued Learning, for your advising and enrollment needs. Ask how you might qualify for academic credit through one of our advanced placement credit programs, including AP, College-level Examination Program, Credit for Military Experience, Challenge Examinations, Experiential Learning and RN-Validation of Prior Learning.
  2. The Center for Career Development and Internships can offer you insight on career planning, internships, job searches and outside work opportunities.
  3. The Learning Center can help you get up to speed academically through free tutoring, study sessions and workshops in time management, test taking and study skills.
  4. Act 101 helps eligible Pennsylvania students improve their skills with free counseling, workshops, study labs and study skills sessions.