Wilkes University

Part-Time Programs

Part-time students have different considerations than traditional students. That's why we work to be as convenient and student-friendly as possible.

Our Evening Program classes usually meet one or two nights per week during the academic year and two nights per week during the nine-week evening summer session. This schedule is helpful to people who have work or other commitments that make attending day classes difficult.

Evening Classes

Our Summer Program offers a variety of courses, workshops, mini-courses, and programs with outdoor activities. The summer schedule includes a three-week presession, two five-week daytime sessions, a nine-week evening session and special sessions.

Discounts are available.

Non-degree students may be admitted to classes they are qualified to take by reason of maturity, previous education, or work experience. Secondary school training is desirable, but not necessary, if the student is qualified to follow such special courses of instruction.

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