Pharmacy with Neuroscience Minor

The addition of a minor in neuroscience to the required courses in the PharmD curriculum, enhances students’ understanding of the strong connection between neural mechanisms, human behavior, and pharmacology.

Completing the required neuroscience courses prior to Pharmacotherapeutics (PT) provides students with a strong foundation in understanding the nervous system, including the structure and function of the nervous system, neurological disorders, and treatment of psychological disorders. Adding on a neuroscience minor to the PharmD curriculum is very manageable with adequate planning as many of the required courses overlap.

Course Information

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“After taking several courses required to complete the neuroscience minor, I found that I had a very comprehensive background in understanding the nervous system, which I was able to use throughout the remainder of pharmacy school. I have even recommended Psychopharmacology to many pharmacy students as an elective, because I feel that the course is an excellent addition to the pharmacy curriculum.”

– Brittany Wills, PharmD ’16