Pharmacy with Management Minor

A minor allows a student to expand his or her field of knowledge and make connections between professions.

"As a pharmacy major I am heavily educated on medication use, patient interactions, inter professional relationships, etc. but am rarely taught about the processes that occur in order for any pharmacy business to operate. My minor has given me a better understanding about how a company functions and how teams can work together within a given company. A student with a minor has a broader understanding of his or her given field, which I consider to be essential because no profession involves work strictly from graduates with a specific degree. A community pharmacist may work with other pharmacists, but he or she must also work with cashiers, technicians, store managers, insurance personnel, supervisors, and so on. By obtaining a minor a student begins to put the pieces of a large puzzle together, which ultimately allows him or her to be a better leader with broader opportunities."

- Anthony Fanucci