Pharmacy Labs

Pharmaceutical Science Teaching Laboratory

The lab is for teaching principles of pharmaceutical science and providing hands-on experience in compounding of pharmaceutical dosage forms. It is designed in a modular system in which eight students surround one instructor. The modular design facilitates student/instructor interaction while enhancing active learning and small-group discussion. A closed-circuit TV system permits group viewing of specific examples or tapes of pre-programmed experiments.

Pharmaceutical Science Computer Laboratory

Located next to the Pharmaceutical Science Teaching Laboratory, the lab is designed to augment student learning in pharmaceutical science and dosage form compounding through self-paced computer-based learning in pharmaceutical calculations, medical terminology and pharmacokinetics.

Anatomy/Physiology & Pharmacology Teaching Laboratory

This lab accommodates 24 students. Each pair of students utilizes a computer interactively in addressing problems in anatomy and physiology. Using sophisticated educational software, students are able to "dissect" an electronic cadaver or model chemical activity at nerve endings. Similar software is also used in pharmacology as a way of demonstrating the actions of drugs on various body systems. Two television monitors allow instructors to show videotaped "wet labs."

CVS Pharmacy Care Lab

This lab serves as a simulation laboratory for acute and primary care pharmacy services. The primary care section is designed to simulate a modern ambulatory pharmacy practice setting. Medications, references, patient data documentation software, areas for physical assessment and patient counseling allow students to manage simulated patient cases. In the acute care section, students practice aseptic technique in the preparation of intravenous products and practice monitoring the patient's response to acute drug therapies. The lab is equipped with state-of-the art audiovisual and computer capabilities.

PioneerRx Pharmacy Software

By partnering with PioneerRx Pharmacy Software, our program allows students to learn in a real-world environment using the most installed software for independent pharmacies. Students enhance their clinical and functional skills by training in a pharmacy system that is innovative, robust and feature-rich. Read what current pharmacy leaders are saying about PioneerRx at Pharmacy Software Reviews external website.