Please contact your advisor prior to the last semester to obtain an informal graduation audit. 

The semester you are completing the last course for your Wilkes degree, you should register for "Graduation-GRD OOOB" on your registration form, regardless whether you will be attending commencement.

Students eligible for graduation must satisfactory complete all requirements for the degree within six calendar years following admission into the program of study. A minimum GPA average of 3.0 is required for graduation.

A $170 graduation fee is added to that semester's Wilkes invoice and you are sent a mailing from the Wilkes Graduate Studies Office with additional paperwork required for your graduation approval clearance. Graduation registration must be received no later than 90 days prior to each semester's commencement.

If you receive a restriction error message when registering for GRD-OOOB, please contact the Graduate Education Office, 800-WILKES U, ext. 4671, to check on the issue. Please note: you must be officially "Accepted" into the master's degree program in order to graduate, so if you have not received your official letter of acceptance contact Student Services,  570-408-2000 or 800-WILKES U, ext. 2000, to check the status of your application file.

Graduates can participate in the next commencement ceremony held if so desired, or your diploma can be mailed.

Note: The Financial Management Office is prohibited from signing any graduation clearance form until all outstanding tuition balance is paid in full.