Transfer Credit Info

Wilkes University accepts graduate level transfer credits.

A maximum of six credits of graduate work from an approved and accredited college or university can be accepted. Courses must meet all of the requirements identified in the University-wide Transfer Credits section of the Graduate Bulletin external website and the specific criteria below. Transfer credits are limited to six credits per student not per degree at Wilkes University.

The Chair of Master's Department will make the final determination regarding transfer credits and whether they will count as elective credits or qualify to replace required courses. In order for courses to count as electives, they must (in general) meet the academic intent of the student’s masters program or be aligned to their respective professional assignment.

Types of Transfer Requests

Each transfer request is handled on a case-by-case basis and the student must complete the Request for Transfer Credit form. Wilkes reserves the right to periodically review courses that have been previously approved as transfer credits to determine if they continue to align with our current curriculum.

  • Permission Request – For degree seeking candidates in a Wilkes University graduate program who would like to transfer credit(s) already completed at another accredited institution.
  • Pre-Approval Request – For degree seeking candidates in a Wilkes University graduate program who wish to complete a course at another accredited institution for transfer credits.

A Request for Transfer Credit form (.pdf) must be completed for all types of reviews.

Adobe Acrobat© Reader is needed to see and print this form. A free version of Acrobat© Reader can be downloaded external website from the company's website.

Permission to Transfer Graduate Credits for previous graduate academic work from another college must have been completed within six years prior to the date of your admission to Wilkes and must have a grade of B or better; pass/fail grades are not transferrable unless the "Pass" can be substantiated in writing as a grade by the former institution.

Currently enrolled Wilkes students who want to take a graduate course at another institution while matriculating at Wilkes and transfer these credits toward their Wilkes MS degree must complete a Pre-Approval Form before enrolling in a course at another institution.

If a student is transferring credits to Wilkes to complete the master's degree the student cannot be approved for graduation until all transfer credits are approved by the department, an "official" transcript has been received at Wilkes from the institution granting the credit, and the approved transfer credits are posted to your Wilkes University transcript. All paperwork must be received before each semester's Wilkes graduation clearance deadline.