Basic admissions requirements include the following:

  • Bachelor's degree from an accredited institution with an appropriate major (preferably education for most majors – see specific requirements for the program to which you are applying),
  • Strong undergraduate record,
  • Official transcripts of all undergraduate and any graduate degrees completed,
  • Two recommendations – these may fulfilled by having the recommender complete the Wilkes’ recommendation form or write a letter. Letters must be current and pertain to fitness for graduate study. One recommendation should be from your current supervisor.

Most programs also require a copy of your state teaching certificate, but students should refer to the specific requirements for the program to which they desire admission.

If it has been at least three weeks since all of your documents were mailed and you have not heard anything regarding your application status, you should contact Graduate Admissions at 800-945-5378, ext. 4236. It is possible that items never arrived. If it is official transcripts or letters of recommendation that are missing, you may want to follow up with the individuals or institutions who were sending them.

Currently, only those students that applied online can manage their admission status online. These students can log in to the admissions page where they applied using the log in they created and view the status and items received. Wilkes anticipates being able to allow this feature for all students in the future.

All students may contact the  contact Graduate Admissions at 800-945-5378, ext. 4236  to learn if all items have been received and find out the status. However, students are encouraged to wait at least two weeks after having sent items to Wilkes before contacting us to see if we received it.

Once your file is complete it is sent to the department for review. On average it takes 2-4 weeks for you to receive a decision letter in the mail from the Graduate Studies department. If, after four weeks you still have not received a decision letter, please contact the Graduate Education office at 800-945-5378, ext. 4236.

Student Services

The WIN (Wilkes Identification Number) is your student ID that you use for the entire time you are associated with Wilkes. The University no longer uses Social Security numbers as the primary identifier. New students are sent a letter from the Student Service Center, which contains their Wilkes ID number and their email account information usually within two weeks of their application being processed.

If you do not know your WIN you must contact the Help Desk at 1-866-264-1462. They will ask a series of questions verifying information before they send you your WIN. General office staff members are prohibited from giving this information out over the telephone or through email.

The portal is a secure online site that allows students, faculty, and staff members to access the university services they need 24/7. Students are able to view grades, get unofficial transcripts, pay tuition, register for classes, as well as a variety of other things. You can log in from any computer as long as you know your Wilkes email user name and your password. The portal can be accessed from any page in the Wilkes web site under ‘Quick links’ or by clicking on any yellow “MyWilkes” button that you see. For security reasons, always remember to log out before leaving the computer and close the browser window.

Students may view their academic transcript and print an unofficial copy online through the portal at under the Student Services tab. Scroll down to “My Transcripts” your options are: “Send Electronic Transcript” “Send/Pick Up Paper Transcript" “View/Print Unofficial Transcript

*Please note that in order for electronic transcripts to be "official", they must be sent directly to your third party.  You can obtain the form from the Registrar/Recorder channel on the Student Services tab or go to the Registrar/Recorder transcript area of our site to download the transcript request form.

For students who receive tuition reimbursement from their employer, tuition deferment is an available payment option. Tuition deferment requires the student to fill out an Employer deferment form every semester. The payment will need to be received by Wilkes University no later than 30 days after a course ends.

To make online payments, follow these simple steps.

  • Log on to portal.wilkes.eduEnter your Wilkes username and password
  • Select the Student tab and choose Student Services from the dropdown menu
  • Select Pay on Account and follow the steps to make a payment.
  • Be sure to print your receipt before you log out of the system.

Students may consult with the Financial Aid Director, (or at off campus sites, with the financial aid representative) for information regarding scholarships and loan programs. Any questions concerning charges and payments should be directed to (570) 408-4960 or 1-800-WILKESU extension 4960 or you can email Payments can be made by check, credit card, or cash in person at the Bursar’s Office located at 32 W. South Street in Wilkes-Barre.

Students may take advantage of the web for these services. Students, who know their email log in and password, can easily log into the portal and click on the Student Services tab to view grades, make payments and obtain receipts. Any questions concerning charges and payments should be directed to (570) 408-4960 or 1-800-WILKESU extension 4960 or you can email


Satisfactory completion of all requirements for a master’s degree is to be done within six calendar years of date of initial application.

If you do not see your course listed in Desire2Learn, your instructor may be still editing the course. Remember, course content is not available until the day before the course begins.  If you do not see your course on the day it is scheduled to start, please email your advisor.

For access to your course in Desire2Learn:

  • Log in to the Wilkes Portal.
    • Your username is firstname.lastname.
    • Your initial password is: upper case initial of your last name, lower case initial of your first name, last 6 digits of your WIN.
  • On the left-hand side under Quick Links, select LIVE.  
    If you changed your password, please your current password. If you do not know your password, please contact the Help Desk at so you can get it updated in time for class to start.

If you've been taking courses as a non-degree student but now want to enroll for the master's degree, you must submit a new Wilkes graduate application as a degree-seeking candidate. You don't need to re-pay the application fee. However, you must send us the required official transcripts, two letters of recommendation, and a copy of your teaching certificate (if applicable to the program). Please see the admission requirements for the program to which you are applying in the most recent Graduate Bulletin or that program's web page.

Email a copy of either a marriage certificate, social security card, divorce decree or other legal document to the Wilkes University advospr and we will process your name change to be reflected on transcripts, grade reports, etc. Remember to provide your WIN on all correspondence with the University.

Please contact your advisor directly.  Address changes are accepted by telephone (ext: 4670 or 4671) or email ( Remember to provide your name and WIN when contacting the University.

If you are a currently enrolled degree student, but want to change your major, you must submit a Change of Major Form, with your name and WIN#, indicating the new degree program in which you now wish to be enrolled.

If an extension beyond the six-year limit is needed, a Program Extension Request Form should be completed and submitted along with a letter explaining the reason for the extension and a detailed plan of how and when you plan to complete the remaining courses.

You must register to graduate no later than 90 days prior to date of expected graduation. Graduations are processed in May, late August and January. The semester you are completing the last course for your Wilkes degree register for "Graduation-GRD OOOB", regardless whether you will be attending commencement. A graduation fee is added to that semester's Wilkes invoice and you are sent a mailing from the Student Service Center with additional paperwork required for your graduation approval clearance.

If you receive a restriction error message when registering for GRD-OOOB, please contact the Graduate Education Office, 800-WILKES U, ext. 4671, to check on the issue. Please note: you must be officially "Accepted" into a master's degree program in order to graduate.

Graduates may participate in the next commencement ceremony held if desired, or your diploma can be mailed.

Note: The Financial Management Office is prohibited from signing any graduation clearance form until all outstanding tuition balance is paid in full.


All students receive a Wilkes email account and are expected to use it as their primary account while enrolled at the University. If you do not register for a class for the subsequent semester, your email account will removed at the end of the semester. If this occurs you will need to contact the Help Desk (1-866-264-1462) to have your account reactivated the next time you register for a course.

As a Wilkes student, you can access numerous databases, such as EbscoHost, Lexis-Nexis, CQ Electronic Library, and CCH Tax network for your research needs. Students should log in to the portal and click on the library tab to gain access to the wide range of resources that are available. Also visit the library web pages for more information.

Wilkes maintains parking areas around campus, and use of these facilities on weekdays until 4:30 p.m. is by permit only. Except for resident parking lots, these areas are open for graduate student parking on weekends, and after 4:30 p.m. on weekdays, without a permit. Parking permits are issued on a varied schedule based on the applicant’s relationship with the University and the availability of parking spaces.

To make a payment:

  • Go to
  • Click on Student then Student Services
  • Click on Pay on Account and follow the steps

If you do not have the above sign-in information call the Help Desk @ 1-866-264-1462.

Yes, the Installment Payment Plan allows for the tuition and fees and related charges balance to be divided into manageable monthly payments. Enrollment for the installment payment plan must be completed at the beginning of each semester and a $25.00 per semester fee will be charged. The payments for the Fall and Spring semesters will be five (5) equal installments and the Summer semester will be three (3).

To enroll in the Installment Payment Plan:

  • Go to external website
  • Click Student
  • Enter your Wilkes username and password
  • Click on the Student Services tab
  • Click on Pay on Account and follow the steps

If you do not have the above sign-in information call the Help Desk @ 1-866-264-1462.

Once signed into the payment page, select “Authorize Users” form the menu on the top of the page and complete the requested information to create a password. Be sure to include an e-mail address to ensure your authorized payer will receive a password confirmation and will then receive an e-mail when e-bills are available. Once the authorized payer is established, the email address and password are the only requirements to access the account.