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Graduate Creative Writing Program

Barbara J. Taylor '15 and Kaylie Jones, Faculty

Faculty member Kaylie Jones and Barbara J. Taylor, '08, discuss Barb's success with "Sing in the Morning, Cry at Night," named Best Book of Summer 2014 by Publisher's Weekly.

Write Your Memoir

Donna Talarico ’10 and Beverly Donofrio, Faculty

Faculty member Beverly Donofrio, "Riding in Cars with Boys," and Donna Talarico ’10 explain residencies and online learning in the graduate Creative Writing program.

Access to Agents, Editors and Producers

Susan Cartsonis, Faculty

Hollywood film producer and Wilkes faculty member, Susan Cartsonis, "The DUFF," explains the connections to industry professionals in the graduate Creative Writing program.

Master Screenwriting

Jon Rocks '10 and Ross Klavan, Faculty

Creative Writing faculty member, Ross Klavan, screenwriter of "Tigerland," and Jon Rocks ‘10 explain how learning from industry professionals paves the way to writing success.

Published Poets

Brian Fanelli '10 and Neil Shepard, Faculty

Faculty member Neil Shepard and Brian Fanelli ‘10 discuss how the Wilkes Creative Writing master’s degree is attainable for working adults.

Earn Your Degree in Playwriting

Matt Hinton ’10

Wilkes grad Matt Hinton ’10 explains how the Creative Writing community – both online and in person – inspires the writing process.

Work in Publishing

Johanna James '15 and Phil Brady, Faculty

Wilkes partners with literary presses and publishing houses to give students practical experience in the publishing field.

Study Creative Nonfiction

Debra Zucco '15 and J. Michael Lennon, Faculty

Complete a full-length manuscript under the guidance of accomplished faculty mentors. J. Michael Lennon, author of "Norman Mailer: A Double Life," and Debra Zucco ‘15 discuss the degree’s emphasis on mentoring and personal attention.

Writing Success

Barbara J. Taylor '15 and Kaylie Jones, Faculty

Learn the craft of writing and the business of being published in the Wilkes graduate Creative Writing Program. Enjoy online learning with limited campus visits. Wilkes offers areas of concentration in fiction, creative nonfiction, poetry, screenwriting, playwriting, publishing and spoken word.