Profile Edits

Maintained by Human Resources

  • Names
  • Titles
  • Email addresses
  • Phone numbers
  • Office locations

Maintained by Web Services

  • Directory profile images
  • Secondary profile content
  • Examples: biography, education, research, etc. Anything underneath the profile image on the page.
  • Adding missing profile pages
  • Department-specific sub-directory page updates
  • Examples: the order of faculty & staff in the sub-directory page, adding/removing full departments (not individuals) from a sub-directory.
Where to Request Updates

Web Service requests for directory updates,can be made on the Web Update Request Form.

Maintained by the Office of Finance

  • Department structure
  • Department names

Note: Requests to change department names and structures must be approved by the department head or chairperson prior to contacting the Office of Finance.

Maintained by IT Department

  • The internal directory listing located on  
Frequently Asked Questions
  • My name has changed. How do I ensure the directory is updated appropriately?
  • Contact Human Resources first for all name updates. Once Human Resources has updated your name within Banner, contact Web Services so they can ensure your directory profile reflects the change.
  • I want to add or update additional content to my profile (ex. biography, list of research, education, etc.).
  • Send all content you wish to add to Web Services.
  • Can a sub-directory page display only specific faculty/staff listed?
  • Sub-directory pages can include any number of departments. However, it will include the full departments - it cannot display only specific faculty or staff members.
  • A department is not listed that should be/a department that is listed should be removed or combined with another. Can this be changed?
  • Updates to add, remove, and/or combine departments must be made to the Finance Office for approval.
  • Can the order of staff/faculty members in the directory change?
  • In sub-directories, the order of staff and faculty can be controlled. In the main directory, the order will always display alphabetically.
  • Main Directory
  •  Sub-Directory
  • Profile Page
  • An individual’s page linked to within the main directory and any sub-directory pages a faculty or staff member appears in.