Omni CMS | Training Resources

What is Omni CMS?

Omni CMS is a web content management system developed by Modern Campus and is used by hundreds of colleges and universities to manage their websites. Omni CMS is easy to use; content editors don’t need to know HTML, and don’t need any special software.

Templates designed for the Omni CMS system have responsive layouts, brand consistency, and easily navigated menus. Omni CMS features a number of layout options and features based on current website design trends as well as ADA web accessibility.

Omni CMS offers an extensive support website with access to online tutorials, videos, and frequently asked questions to get started and continue learning.

We are using Omni CMS tutorials with their supporting references to further your understanding on how to use Omni CMS. Web Services also provides videos specific to the use of templates and features for

Note: Features shown on Omni CMS support website and training videos may vary to what we use within Omni CMS. Any questions can be directed to Web Services.