Strategic Plan 2014 - 2020

Wilkes University's Gateway to the Future

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To create one of the finest small universities in the country, as evidenced by independent, third-party ratings of our performance.

With great anticipation for everything this Plan will guide us in accomplishing, l share with you Gateway to the Future: The Wilkes University Strategic Plan 2014-2020. The Plan you are about to read builds on the excellent work of the University’s former Plan – VISION 2015, and is the product of the 20-member Strategic Planning Committee (SPC) that began its work in March of 2013. Important to the work of the SPC was that this new Plan be firmly rooted in the University’s Mission, Vision and Values. As you read about our collective aspirations, it will quickly become apparent that the Plan builds on the University’s strengths and is poised to embrace and take advantage of the many opportunities that lie before us.

Perhaps, most exciting for me is the energy and commitment this Plan will generate as we work together toward achieving our goals. This is a dynamic document that will continue to take shape as progress is made. Each of us, no matter our role at the University, will have the opportunity to contribute to the success of Gateway to the Future. I ask everyone to read the Plan carefully and anticipate the ways in which each of us can support the Plan’s themes and goals. With this Plan, teaching and learning, and the success of our students, continue to be the primary focus of our efforts and resources. This Plan will guide our prioritization, inform the development of our budget and include an agreed-upon set of performance indicators with which we can gauge our progress toward our goals.

You have heard me say before that Wilkes’ greatest days lie ahead. Using this Plan as a framework, we will engage our challenging and exciting future with a clear sense of direction and how we will invest our resources.

Strategic Plan (.pdf)

- Patrick F. Leahy
President of Wilkes University