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Wilkes University Tuition Benefits for FBA Members/Sponsors

Wilkes University is proud to serve FBA members and sponsors with exclusive benefits to further their education and pursue academic enrichment by providing tuition discount benefits for undergraduate and graduate credits.

All full-time employees, their spouses, same-gender domestic partners and dependent children must obtain prior approval from their company’s HR Benefits Coordinator and the FBA Executive Director. Complete the FBA Tuition Discount Application to qualify for tuition discounts for undergraduate and graduate programs.

Employment will be verified through the FBA member/sponsor’s HR department.

To qualify for FBA tuition discount:

  • All FBA member company’s full-time employees, their spouses, same-gender domestic partners and dependent children are subject to the University’s academic standards/policies and are required to meet all admissions requirements.
  • Additional documentation may be required by the Financial Aid Office

Upon resignation or involuntary termination from employment with the FBA member organization, tuition discount will cease at the end of the semester in which the employee resignation/termination is effective and the employee and /or dependent(s) is enrolled.

Please note: The Wilkes University Family Business Alliance discount is one part of a complete financial aid package. Wilkes University takes all discounts and benefits into consideration when developing a financial aid package.  A qualified FBA member application is ensured at least a 15% (full member) or 20% (sustaining member) discount on tuition. Please complete the application below to take advantage of this opportunity.

The following are not covered by the FBA tuition discount policy:

  • Course fees
  • Book expenses
  • Room and board
  • Study abroad
  • Study tours
  • Continued Learning and or other non-credit courses
  • Any taxation that may apply

 Family Business Alliance Member Employee Tuition Discount Application

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  • Undergraduate/Graduate

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    Your application will be submitted to the Family Business Alliance. Please call the FBA office at 570-408-2120 for any questions or assistance with the FBA Tuition Discount Program.

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