The IFARHU/Wilkes University Program for Student Centers is a five-year program whose purpose is to ensure that students with academic merit in Panama achieve a university degree at the bachelor's level in the stipulated period of time. Our program prepares students to begin first year classes at the Bachelor's level in different academic fields and supports students throughout their university career.

Wilkes University is proud to have hosted 5 cohorts of students through the program. The first cohort of IFARHU students will graduate in 2021.

IFARHU Program students at PNC Field in Moosic, PA

How the Program Works

The program consists of two phases:

  • The first phase is a year of the Comprehensive Program, which focuses on development courses in English language management, fundamentals of basic knowledge necessary at the university level, and development of soft, multicultural and leadership skills that allow Panamanian students to ensure their entry and retention in career at the Bachelor level. This first phase occurs over the course of three semesters: Spring, Summer and Fall according to the American academic calendar.
  • The second phase consists of the four-year duration of the undergraduate degree in academic fields considered important for the development of the Republic of Panama.

The IFARHU/Wilkes University Program for Student Centers has been designed to prepare students for academic and social success in the university environment of the United States of America. Objectives are achieved by offering the student a highly academic program that is structured taking into consideration the student as a whole, providing the necessary instruction while confronting their cultural/social needs that allow their academic performance, acclimatization and assimilation to the rest of their life.

IFARHU students visiting a museum

For more information on the IFARHU program, contact:

Charlie Isabel Roner
Associate Director of International Engagement

Dr. Georgia Costalas
Executive Director, Center for Global Education and Diversity

Lcdo. Bernardo Meneses
Director General, IFARHU

Wilkes University/IFARHU Program (December 2017)

The first group of students sponsored by Panama’s Institute for Training and Development of Human Resources (IFARHU) completed the first phase of the Wilkes University/IFARHU Program in December 2017. The program prepares students for academic course work in the United States.

IFARHU Students

The students are: kneeling from left, Severiano Mora Sáez, Miguel Concepción González, Oscar Dominguez Pascual, Marcos Ríos Barría, José De Gracia Mojica; front row standing from left, Yuleisy Villarreal Álvarez, Marisol Alveo, Juana Pimentel González, Ana Rivera Sánchez, Keysi Gallardo Degracia, Zuleika Vergara Cedeño, Ana Frías Frías, Wilmer Dogirama Menguisama; back row standing from left, Francisco Hernández Concepción, Elbin Rivera Ceballos, Salineth Sánchez Sutherland.