Rust Belt Biennial

Rust Belt Region Photography

August 27 - October 6, 2019

We are thrilled to host the first Rust Belt Biennial external website, a celebration of photography with work realized throughout the Rust Belt Region in all its manifestations. For our inaugural Biennial we are grateful to have Andrew L. Moore as competition juror. 


This land, its people, the pride and the struggles, the patina of the past and above all, the histories and memories ingrained in the soil across the region. It is time to make new memories and new histories, while revisiting and reevaluating old ones; It is time to start a new dialogue about the state of photography and it’s social, cultural and political effects in our society; it is time to give back to the photographic community but also the region; it is time for you to join us!

Image credits: Heading Banner: Peter Essick, Steel Mill, Lake Michigan, Gary, Indiana, 2018 | Top: Anna Beeke, Kitchen Haircut, 2011