About Us

The mission of the Sordoni Art Gallery is to encourage an appreciation of the arts and an understanding of its role in society through direct engagement with art. Our main focus is to present high-quality exhibitions, related programming, and publications in a wide range of media, topics, cultures, and time periods.

The vision of the Sordoni Art Gallery is to be a recognized and respected center for the creation of innovative learning environments and programs for the appreciation and study of visual art benefiting the academic and cultural community of Wilkes University and the surrounding region.

Artist Dan Talley speaks with exhibition attendees.

To achieve this vision the Sordoni Art Gallery is committed to being a place:

  • Where education and exhibition are central to the Gallery's public service mission
  • Where an ambitious year-round exhibition schedule features artists of regional, national, and international reputation
  • Where multiple and diverse audiences are comfortable and welcome
  • And that collaborates, supports, and serves arts and cultural initiatives in the region

Part of Wilkes University campus, the gallery looks to engage in cross- and inter-disciplinary dialogue to support academic programming across the entire university. Because its role on campus is widely defined, the gallery has a great deal of flexibility to present diverse, varied and exciting programming. The Sordoni Gallery facility has the ability to be a traditional viewing space or a venue for experimental installations.

As an educational institution, the Sordoni Gallery is in the unique position to explore challenging subjects and current events that would not be explored in commercial spaces. The criteria for selecting exhibitions include artistic excellence; the potential for related programming that, first and foremost, supports student-centered, campus-wide academic engagement; attention to aesthetic and cultural diversity within the campus and community; and provide a reflection of the NEPA region.


  • Director: Heather Sincavage
  • Assistant Director: Melissa Carestia
  • Student Design Fellow: Lara Mullen

Gallery Attendants

  • Grace Carrick
  • Morgan Risch
  • Emily Romanoskey
  • Abby Smith
  • Colin Uter

Advisory Commission

  • Jean Adams
  • Greg Cant, PhD
  • Melissa Carestia
  • Virginia C. Davis
  • Patricia M. Lacy
  • Kenneth Marquis
  • Allison Maslow
  • Bill Miller
  • Paul Riggs, PhD
  • Eric Ruggiero, MFA
  • Heather Sincavage, MFA
  • Susan Shoemaker
  • Jamie Smith
  • Andrew J. Sordoni, III
  • David Ward, PhD
  • Mia Weaver
  • Joel Zitofsky