Simply Picasso

Pop-up exhibition featuring Pablo Picasso

The Sordoni Art Gallery at Wilkes University presented Simply Picasso from May 31 through June 2. The pop-up exhibition featured a ceramic piece created by Pablo Picasso at the Madoura pottery studio in Vallauris, France. 

Pablo Picasso is considered one of the most influential artists of modern art. He was also a sculptor, printmaker, ceramics artist, etching artist and writer. His first pivotal artwork, Les Demoiselles d'Avignon was painted at the age of 26. His illustrious career included the painting Three Musicians, The Dream, and Guernica. After spending most of his life in France, Picasso died in Mougins at the age of 91.

Picasso visited Vallauris in 1946 where he befriended Suzanne and Georges Ramie who owned Madoura Pottery Studio. During this time, Picasso created over 600 works in clay, many of which were editions created in the studio. Madoura pottery studio is still in existence today.