June 11 - August 4

Artist Lyn Godley explores the relationship between art and technology in her exhibition, Lit. Inspired by the interaction of light with differing materials, Godley combines LEDs and fiber optics with photography to study the therapeutic applications of light, as well as both the emotional and physical impact light plays on viewers and consumers.

About Lyn Godley:

Lyn Godley’s external website work has crossed the borders of fine art, interiors, product, furniture, lighting, and jewelry. Godley opened her own studio in 1998 after fourteen years as a partner in the design team of Godley-Schwan. Of all her work, it is lighting which she has chosen to focus for the last twenty-five years. The investigation of new technology and materials in a robust dialogue with beauty – through form, imagery, and color – the duality of science and emotion, right and left brain together at the same time.

From chandeliers to full-scale illuminated evening gowns to interactive facades she has explored a wide range of light sources and effects. Detailed pixels of light embedded into drawings, to large scale public art installations, to miniature light models – she explores the many moods of lighting and its ability to calm or excite. Merging digital printing, drawing and painting, fiber optics, light reflecting films, and physical computing has led her explorations in light and color refraction. Her work has been chosen for public art projects and commissions that explore the intersection of Light and Art in public spaces, and is in numerous museum and private collections, such as the Museum of Modern Art, the Percent for Art Public Art commission at SugarHouse Casino in Philadelphia, or the permanent installation of 7,100 programmable LEDs at the GoggleWorks Center for the Arts in Pennsylvania that continually “draws in light” across the center’s façade.

In addition to her studio work, she is an Associate Professor of Industrial Design at Jefferson University, where she is developing curriculum and coordinating a Lighting Design concentration. Beginning in 2018, Godley is taking part in a three-year research project with universities in the UK, Denmark, Germany, and Russia to explore the impact of light on health, and to develop graduate level curriculum based on the findings.