Extracurricular Awards

2021 Extracurricular Awardees

Resident Assistant of the Year

The Resident Assistant of the Year award is meant to recognize an RA who has stood above the rest in executing the duties of the position. This award should be given to an RA who has demonstrated a mastery of the RA position, served as a resource to their peers, built a strong residential community, and upheld the values of the Residence Life office and the RA position.
Alanah Guerrero headshot

Alanah Guerrero

Nursing, Class of 2021
Frackville, PA

"Alanah Guerrero deserves this because she puts her heart and soul into making campus home for the residents in the community she serves. Alanah consistently has taken time to help her residents, and other resident assistants to make sure they were okay. Alanah has a strong ability to connect with others with being an outgoing person. She is always looking out for others and supports them no matter what their experience is in that moment. Programmatically, Alanah has been strong this year in response to COVID-19’s impact on campus. Notably, two large-scale programs that occurred in Evans Hall and for all first-year RAs include the Egg-cel in Studying Egg Hunt and Sex Bingo, which have been ideas that Alanah and other RAs worked to have happen. In supporting the department this year as one of the co-chairs of the Residence Life Traditions committee, she worked to plan Battle of the Halls for the first-year students. It is with great pride to give the Resident Assistant of the Year award to Alanah Guerrero."

Resident Assistants - Seniors

The RAs are hired on the basis of character, leadership, and their ability to interact with students. All of the RAs have undergone extensive training so they may readily meet the needs of all our residential students. The main function of the RA staff is to build a community, which is crucial to a successful residence hall living experience. The RAs practice an open door policy and are available day and night should students need them.
Alanah Guerrero headshot

Alanah Guerrero

Nursing, 2021
Frackville, PA
Arsen Cora headshot

Arsen Cora

Pharmacy, 2022
Long Island, NY
Dylan Womelsdorf headshot

Dylan Womelsdorf

Management, 2021
Benton, PA
Jasleen Kaur headshot

Jasleen Kaur

Nursing, 2021
Birdsboro, PA
Jason DeBoard headshot

Jason DeBoard

Biology and Nueroscience, 2021
Avoca, PA
Katy Blankenhorn headshot

Katy Blankenhorn

Pharmacy, 2022
Meadowbrook, PA
Kevin Long headshot

Kevin Long

Biology, 2021
Goshen, NY
Mark Chester headshot

Mark Chester

Nursing, 2021
Jersey City, NJ
Moustafa Almeky headshot

Moustafa Almeky

Biology, 2021
Shavertown, PA
Richard Ermeus headshot

Richard Ermeus

Sparta, NJ

Outstanding Service & Dedication Award

The Office of Residence Life’s highest honor given to a graduating RA, this award recognizes a staff member who has spent a significant portion of their time at Wilkes in the RA role and has made a indelible impact on the residents and staff of Wilkes University. The recipient of this award has given back to the department and the residents in a meaningful way. Through programming, residence life traditions, community building, campus leadership, and mentorship, the recipient of this award has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the mission of Residence Life and the growth of the residential student. To be eligible, the recipient must: • Be a graduating student. • Have served on staff for at least two academic years. • Be in good standing with the Office of Residence Life. • Be involved in a leadership role in some other aspect of the Wilkes community (i.e. Student Government, eMentor, Admissions Ambassador, Teaching Assistant, student athlete, etc.). • Demonstrate commitment to Residence Life through programming, community development, and/or mentorship. • Has consistently gone above and beyond the call of duty. * Graduating student would also include any RA who has maxed out eligibility, such as a third year pharmacy student.
Katy Blakenhorn headshot

Katy Blakenhorn

Pharmacy 2022
Meadowbrook, PA

"Katy Blakenhorn is being awarded the Outstanding Service & Dedication Award because she is and incredible leader and has made a positive impact on her peers ranging from first-year students, her assigned residents, and her RA peers. Katy gives a full effort into all that she does. She is an exceptional scholar and prioritizes her academics to be able to have time to be a resource and presence in the Wilkes community. As an RA, Katy’s residents and coworkers know that her door is always open if they ever need anything. At the beginning of this year Katy shared that she wanted to mentor more RAs but found it challenging to connect because of COVID. This led her to volunteer to be a Co-Chair for the Traditions Committee in the hopes of getting to know more of her peers. She successfully mentored a few RA peers both in and outside of the RA role and she has built exceptionally strong residential communities in three separate halls, each with their unique challenges. Katy has successfully executed numerous programs which have engaged her residents and enhanced their residential experiences. Katy has been a wonderful mentor and support to her peer and genuinely cares about helping others to gain the most from their college experience. She is caring, hardworking, transparent, dedicated, supportive and always goes above and beyond the call of duty. Campus Involvement: Resident Assistant (3 years - Michelini Hall, UT, and Waller Hall); President, APhA-ASP; Treasurer, Rho Chi Honor Society; Worked in the Club Hub; e-Mentor for 3 years; Pharmacy Intern, Giant Pharmacy "

e-Mentors - Seniors

First-Year Student e-Mentors are upperclassman that provide experience and support to incoming students at Wilkes University. While the program begins at Orientation, e-Mentors work with thier assigned group throughout the Fall semester, to offer guidance and knowledge that will help with the transition to college life. The program helps each new student connect with peers, upperclassmen, and the institution as a whole.
Alanah Guerrero headshot

Alanah Guerrero

Nursing, 2021
Frackville, PA
Brooke Mazzotta headshot

Brooke Mazzotta

Biology, 2021
Shavertown, PA
DeAndre DePass headshot

DeAndre DePass

Managment and Marketing, 2021
Philadelphia, PA
Devin Lindley headshot

Devin Lindley

Marketing and Management, Spanish, 2021
Shavertown, PA
Edison Fowler headshot

Edison Fowler

Mechanical Engineering, 2022
Jason DeBoard headshot

Jason DeBoard

Biology and Nueroscience, 2021
Avoca, PA
Jessica Morandi headshot

Jessica Morandi

Digital Design and Media Art, 2021
Levittown, NY
Kacee Diehl headshot

Kacee Diehl

Accounting, 2021
Drums, PA
Logan Biechy headshot

Logan Biechy

Psychology and Criminology, 2021
Danielsville, PA
Louis Baez-Fuentes headshot

Louis Baez-Fuentes

Mechanical Engineering 2021
Allentown, PA
Monica Morrison headshot

Monica Morrison

Psychology, 2021
Dallas, PA
Natalie Everett headshot

Natalie Everett

Pharmacy, 2023
Mountain Top, PA
Olivia Raymond headshot

Olivia Raymond

Biology, 2021
Milton, PA
Sarah Malone headshot

Sarah Malone

Nursing, 2021
Williamsport, PA

Colonels Elite

The Colonel Elite award is presented to student athletes that have reached 60 credits, earning a 3.5 cumulative grade point average.
Alexa Cieri headshot

Alexa Cieri

Elementary and Early Childhood Education, 2022
Matawan, NJ
Women's Tennis
Alexa Gaetano headshot

Alexa Gaetano

Biology, 2020
Mountain Top, PA
Women's Soccer
Allen Kokilananda headshot

Allen Kokilananda

Business Management, Accounting, 2023
Springfield, VA
Ariel Reed headshot

Ariel Reed

Communications Studies, Sports Management, 2023
Woodbury, PA
Women's Basketball
Ashley Coughlin headshot

Ashley Coughlin

Biology, 2022
Northampton, PA
Women's Lacrosse
Brandon Whitman headshot

Brandon Whitman

Environmental Science, Education, 2023
Mountain Top, PA
Men's Cross Country
Brianna Horton headshot

Brianna Horton

Psychology, 2023
Verona, NJ
Women's Basketball
Cameron Fiester headshot

Cameron Fiester

Chemistry, 2023
Muncy Valley, PA
Men's Soccer
Caylee-Mae Williams headshot

Caylee-Mae Williams

Psychology, 2022
Yuba City, CA
Chase Ohlson headshot

Chase Ohlson

Mechanical Engineering, 2022
Slatington, PA
Derek Heiserman headshot

Derek Heiserman

Sports Management, 2020
Lansdale, PA
Men's Basketball
Devon Catrambone headshot

Devon Catrambone

Nursing, 2024
Glenmore, PA
Women's Cross Country
Domenica Lerch headshot

Domenica Lerch

Early Childhood and Special Education, 2022
Northampton, PA
Women's Lacrosse
Emily Bidelspach headshot

Emily Bidelspach

Nursing, 2022
Myerstown, PA
Women's Soccer
Emily Loftus headshot

Emily Loftus

Mechanical Engineering, 2022
Shippensburg, PA
Women's Golf
Emma Stauffer headshot

Emma Stauffer

Pharmacy, 2024
Media, PA

Ethan P. Erickson

Financial Investments, 2022
Woster, OH
Men's Ice Hockey
Gabriela Smicherko headshot

Gabriela Smicherko

Pharmacy, 2023
Edwardsville, PA
Women's Basketball
Hannah Hart headshot

Hannah Hart

Environmental Engineering, 2023
Hamilton, NJ
Women's Soccer
Heath Hoovler headshot

Heath Hoovler

Sports Management, 2022
Sparrowbush, NY
Joseph Pasquini headshot

Joseph Pasquini

Financial Investments, 2022
Schenectady, NY
Men's Ice Hockey
Juliann Duignam headshot

Juliann Duignam

Supply Chain Management, 2022
Tatamy, PA
Women's Basketball
Kalyn Lash headshot

Kalyn Lash

Neuroscience, Biology, 2023
Dover, PA
Women's Swimming
Katelyn Kinczel headshot

Katelyn Kinczel

Pre-Pharmacy, 2025
Highland Heights, OH
Women's Basketball
Landon Henry headshot

Landon Henry

Mathematics, 2020
Hughsville, PA
Men's Basketball
Laura Booths headshot

Laura Booths

Neuroscience, 2022
Lake Ariel, PA
Women's Volleyball

Lauren Golden

Entrepreneurship, 2023
Moosic, PA
Women's Golf
Lauren Shiplett headshot

Lauren Shiplett

Pharmacy, 2024
Mountain Top, PA
Field Hockey
Laurenne Fraser headshot

Laurenne Fraser

International Studies, 2022
Salt Lake City, UT
Women's Ice Hockey
Madelynn Kinnard headshot

Madelynn Kinnard

Communications Studies, English, 2023
Dover, PA
Women's Swimming

Matthew Mueller

Supply Chain Management, 2022
Mount Juliet, TN
Men's Ice Hockey
Michael Gurska headshot

Michael Gurska

Sports Management, 2022
Revers, MA
Men's Ice Hockey, Men's Golf
Michael Paterson-Jones headshot

Michael Paterson-Jones

Business Administration, 2023
Baldwinsville, NY
Men's Ice Hockey
Niamh Harkins headshot

Niamh Harkins

Management and Marketing, 2021
Pennington, NJ
Women's Soccer
Nicholas Fea headshot

Nicholas Fea

Business Administration, 2022,
Oak Ridge, NJ
Men's Ice Hockey
Nicholas Surgent headshot

Nicholas Surgent

Mechanical Engineering, 2022
Wall, NJ
Men's Soccer
Owen Grigas headshot

Owen Grigas

Biology, Chemistry, 2022
Mountain Top, PA
Men's Lacrosse
Peyton Schuck headshot

Peyton Schuck

Sports Management, 2023
Penn Yan, NY
Philip Davis headshot

Philip Davis

Pharmacy, 2025
Milton, PA
Rhiannon Aurand headshot

Rhiannon Aurand

Education, 2022
Avondale, PA
Ryan Galvin headshot

Ryan Galvin

Sports Management, 2022
Atlanta, GA
Men's Ice Hockey
Ryan Solomon headshot

Ryan Solomon

Psychology, 2021
Murray, UT
Men's Ice Hockey
Sean Coller headshot

Sean Coller

Accounting, 2022
Hershey, PA
Men's Basketball
Tatiana Mancera headshot

Tatiana Mancera

Communications Studies, 2022
Miami, FL
Women's Soccer
Taylor Reiff headshot

Taylor Reiff

Biology, 2023
Collegeville, PA
Women's Soccer
Toon De Schepper headshot

Toon De Schepper

Sports Management, 2023
Nieuwenrode, Belgium
Men's Ice Hockey
Tyler Dill headshot

Tyler Dill

Business Administration, 2022
South Lake Tahoe, CA
Men's Ice Hockey
Valerie Koenig headshot

Valerie Koenig

Psychology, 2023
Arlington, TX
Women's Ice Hockey
Zachary Tone headshot

Zachary Tone

Nursing, 2022
Easton, PA
Men's Soccer

Female Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year

Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year (Female)
Kristie Najdek headshot

Kristie Najdek

Elementary and Early Childhood Education 2021
Bethpage, NY

"3.963 GPA"

Female Athlete of the Year

Athlete of the Year (Female)
Maddie Kelley headshot

Maddie Kelley

Nursing 2021
Dallas, PA

"Named Second Team All-MAC Freedom. Ranked seventh in the conference for scoring average at 11.0 ppg, eighth in rebounding at 4.8 rpg, 10th in both field goals made and field goal percentage at 37 and 33.6, respectively, first in three-pointers made with 21, third in three-point percentage at 34.4, first in three-pointers per-game at 2.1, tied for 10th in steals-per-game at 1.2, tied for 11th in steals with 10, 13th in minutes with 272, and 17th in minutes-per-game with 27.2."

Male Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year

Senior Scholar Athlete of the Year (Male)
Nico Lorenzo headshot

Nico Lorenzo

Mechanical Engineering 2021
Howell, NJ

"4.0 GPA (Highest GPA of male senior athletes)"

Male Athlete of the Year

Athlete of the Year (Male)
Tony Molitoris headshot

Tony Molitoris

Accounting 2022
Hanover, Twp., PA

"Molitoris ranked seventh in the MAC Freedom with a 3.49 earned run average. Tied for first in wins with six while ranking second in innings with 56.2. Tied for fifth in conference with 33 strikeouts while finishing fourth in walks with nine. Tossed back-to-back complete game shutouts in same week against Stevens and FDU-Florham."

Alumni Association Volunteer Award

This award will be given out annually to a student who showed consistent involvement with the alumni association during their time at Wilkes. This includes, volunteering on the Homecoming Student Team, representing students at Advancement events, and giving their time and talent to help out in the Alumni Office.
Caitlin Klinger headshot

Caitlin Klinger

Sports Management 2021
Reading, PA

"Caitlin was the intern first and did an above average job in that role. She came back as a work study the following semester and went above and beyond her duties. She continued to help out and volunteer even after the semester ended. Caitlin reached out and even volunteered to help once graduated with anything in the alumni and advancement offices. "

Communication Studies Outstanding Leadership and Service Award 2021

An award for extracurricular/co-curricular leadership
Dylan Mehl headshot

Dylan Mehl

Communication Studies and 2021

"Assistant Sports Director for 90.7 WCLH Radio, Co-Opinion Editor for The Beacon, and an active member in Wilkes communication studies extracurriculars for majority of academic career."

Keith Topfer Memorial Award

Top performer in an engineering co-op
Emma Kimmel headshot

Emma Kimmel

Mechanical Engineering, 2022
Palmerton, PA

"Emma participated in different projects, wrote work instructions for machines, and worked to optimize operations at Mountain Top Foam. She was able to learn about the basic process of manufacturing as well as different programming techniques for various machines. She was also just informed by her supervisor that she will be able to lead a project this summer. Emma has many big opportunities ahead of her!"

Intern of the Year Award

The Outstanding Intern Award- is usually presented to a graduating senior intern in any major. They must have received (or will receive) a 4.0 in their internship. They should be considered an outstanding representative of the Cooperative Education program. This year the award goes to a junior who has been extremely successful in his internship and went above and beyond at his site. As a result of hard work and success, Phil was promoted to Scholar of Business Operations and Financial Analysis at the APKCFEE following his semester internship for credit.
Phil Erickson headshot

Phil Erickson

Finance, Class of 2022
Woster, OH

"In the first semester of his internship, Phil worked as the Intern of Finance at the Allan P. Kirby Center for Free Enterprise and Entrepreneurship (APKCFEE). As an Intern in Finance, he focused on learning the basics of valuation of intellectual property through work on projects for mechanical engineering professor Dr. Razavi and Jaxlax. Jaxlax is operated by Wilkes Men’s Lacrosse Coach, Curtis Jaques. He studied Dr. Razavi’s patent and its qualitative properties that allow financial analysts to assess its value. He then took the knowledge gained from studying the patent and applied it to creating a Net Present Value/Discounted Cash Flow analysis for Jaxlax’s Triiilax product."

Helping Hands Service Award

The Helping Hands Award for Community Service and Civic Engagement is given each year to individuals who are more than great volunteers…but to those who have embraced the role of being a leader through service.
Jessica Turnitza headshot

Jessica Turnitza

Nursing 2022
Cumbola, PA

"Student Blood Drive and Get Swabbed ambassador. Jessica helped to advertise and recruit for all of our blood drives; making them huge successes despite the pandemic. She created two Get Swabbed events for the Bone Marrow registry in which we distributed 50 kits. She did an amazing job. "

Nada Vujica Memorial Award

The Nada Vujica Memorial Award has been awarded for 40 years to international students who promote and support internationalization at Wilkes from more than 20 different countries. Nada Vujica was Wilkes Head Librarian and her husband, Dr. Stanko Vujica, was the Chairman of the Philosophy Department. After leaving their native Yugoslavia for the United States, they maintained an interest in internationalization and promoting international perspectives. The Vujicas perpetuated their commitment to the internationalization of Wilkes by creating this award.
Juan Astegiano headshot

Juan Astegiano

International Relations, Political Science, Spring 2021
Caba, Argentina

"Juan Astegiano has been involved in supporting internationals, developing his own understanding of international perspectives, and promoting internationalization during his 4 years at Wilkes. He worked closely with the Office of International Engagement, helping newly arrived Panamanian students as they learned to live and study at Wilkes; he spent semesters abroad taking advantage of learning opportunities around the world; he majored in international relations, learning international perspectives theoretically, as well as practically. Juan is always ready to help any way he can and always looks at situations with a positive attitude."

Teacher Education Service Award

Service is at the heart of our mission in the School of Education. Our Teacher Education Service Award is awarded to a student who is actively involved in the university community as well as the educational community at-large.
Kait Falco headshot

Kait Falco

Elementary & Early Childhood Education, Minors in Reading and Spanish, 2022
Bethlehem, PA

"When the Education Department needs student support, Kait is always there. She is collaborative and an educational leader. Kait serves as the Education Club President and Honors Program Student Committee President. She is also on the Orientation Coordinator Team. With the Honors Program, she has collected school supplies for the CYC, walked for the NEDA, & collected soda tabs for Ronald McDonald. This year with the Education club, she successfully planned and ran a Field Day event with Big Brothers Big Sisters. Kait also participated in selling and hanging the Blue Ribbons for Autism awareness day with the Graham Academy and the city of Wilkes-Barre, writing letters to children at St. Jude’s, & Day of Caring at Heights Murray. "

Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences Extracurricular Achievement Award

Outstanding achievement in club leadership and organization.
Kayla Acker-Carter headshot

Kayla Acker-Carter

BS - Environmental Engineering / Minor - Sustainability Management -2021
Annapolis, MD

"Kayla has been instrumental in facilitating chapter activities and successful outreach events for the Wilkes University Student Chapter of the Society Of Women Engineers (SWE) as President. She is also an active member of the Wilkes Student Chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) and Students for Environmental Sustainability (SES). "

Helping Hands

Service to the community
Makayla Guzzo headshot

Makayla Guzzo


"Despite the complications of COVID Makayla was able to plan two majorly successful Into the Streets events that paired students with our elderly neighbors to do outdoor beautification."

Environmental Engineering & Earth Sciences Extracurricular Achievement Award

Outstanding Achievement in Club Leadership and Organization
Steffen R. Horwath headshot

Steffen R. Horwath

BS Environmental Engineering / Minor - Geology - 2021
Doylestown, PA

"Steffen was integral in the successful excursions, fund-raising activities and outreach activities as President of the GeoExplorers Club. He was also an active member of the Wilkes student chapter of the Air and Waste Management Association (AWMA) and Students for Environmental Sustainability (SES) club."