Extracurricular Awards

Each year at spring commencement, Wilkes University honors our graduates who have achieved distinction as athletes, mentors, volunteers and more.

Michael Nowak

This award will be given out annually to a student who showed consistent involvement with the alumni association during their time at Wilkes. This includes, volunteering on the Homecoming Student Team, representing students at Advancement events, and giving their time and talent to help out in the Alumni Office.

Michael Balichik, Football, Accounting, 4.0

Highest GPA of male senior student-athletes.

Kaitlyn O'Neil, Women's Tennis, Nursing, 3.921

Highest GPA of female senior student-athletes.

Cameron Butka, Wrestling

Top male athlete for the 2022-23 season.

Haylee Bouchard, Women's Ice Hockey

Top female athlete for the 2022-23 season.

Caroline Nolen

A student who actively involved and holds leadership positions in the department's co-curriculars.

Gabrielle Moore

Given to an individual who is more than a great volunteer, but someone who has embraced the role of being a leader through service.

Sydney Farmer

Given to an individual who is more than a great volunteer, but someone who has embraced the role of being a leader through service.

John Buonanno

Given to an individual who is more than a great volunteer, but someone who has embraced the role of being a leader through service.

Starr Sandt

The Outstanding Senior Intern Award is presented to a graduating senior intern in any major. They must have received (or will receive) a 4.0 in their internship. They should be considered an outstanding representative of the Cooperative Education program.

Lucas Mages

Top student in a mechanical engineering co-op.

Olivia Kozlowski

This award is given to the undergraduate education student who exemplifies the ethic of service during his or her educational journey at Wilkes University.

Lour Navarrozeballos

The Nada Vujica Memorial Award has been given for over 40 years to an international student who fosters internationalization on the Wilkes campus. Nada Vujica was a staff member at Wilkes and served as Head Librarian. Her husband Dr. Stanko Vujica was the Chairman of the philosophy department. Both of them were very interested in promoting international perspectives and to highlight globalization at Wilkes they created this award.

Megan Makovsky

The Resident Assistant of the Year award is meant to recognize an RA who has stood above the rest in executing the duties of the position. This award should be given to an RA who has demonstrated a mastery of the RA position, served as a resource to their peers, built a strong residential community, and upheld the values of the Residence Life office and the RA position.

Megan Makovsky

The Office of Residence Life's highest honor given to a graduating RA, this award recognizes a staff member who has spent a significant portion of their time at Wilkes in the RA role and has made an indelible impact on the residents and staff of Wilkes University. The recipient of this award has given back to the department and the residents in a meaningful way. Through programming, residence life traditions, community building, campus leadership, and mentorship, the recipient of this award has demonstrated unwavering commitment to the mission of Residence Life and the growth of the residential student.

The RAs are hired on the basis of character, leadership, and their ability to interact with students. All of the RAs have undergone extensive training so they may readily meet the needs of all our residential students. The main function of the RA staff is to build a community, which is crucial to a successful residence hall living experience. The RAs practice an open door policy and are available day and night should students need them.

Carter Henritzy


Shelby Brazes


Kaelin Hughes


Alexa Boersma


Nevin Rauch


Nicole Middleton


Grace O'Toole


Kaleigh Taylor


Megan Makovsky


Andrea Arauz


Arlyn Rivera


Daphne Shencavitz


Morganne Seitz


Brian Guzman


Ellie Freiss


Leah Kubasek


Emily Purcell


Emily Repp


Emma Freels


Esther Orlando


Eza Chadhry


Kara Beerley


Maxine Bodnari


Morgann Davis


Shelby Brazes


Gisela Orama