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Become a Recruitment Partner!

Wilkes University appreciates the hard work that recruitment partners do to provide information to interested students. If you would like to become one of our official recruitment partners, please review the following.

Recruitment Partner Process

  1. Carefully read our guidelines and expectations for recruitment partners.
  2. Apply to be a recruitment partner for Wilkes University via our online form external website.
  3. Within two weeks, we will respond to let you know if you will be accepted as one of our official agents.
  4. If you are accepted as one of our agents, we will share with you an electronic partner folder containing brochures, an Authorization Certificate and an official contract.
  5. While you are waiting for your recruitment partner folder, please read our Frequently Asked Questions for information on conditional admission, how to apply, start dates, deadlines, scholarships and financial aid and much more.

Recruitment Partner FAQ

Is Admission guaranteed?

No, admission is not guaranteed.

Can I email the application materials (transcripts, test scores, etc.)?

Yes, we do accept emailed documents. They will be considered unofficial, if accepted the student will need to mail or bring with them the original official documents.

What are the minimum GPA requirements?

Our minimum GPA requirement is not published. Many factors are taken into consideration when a student applies. Students must formally apply in order to know if they will be accepted

Do you accept 3-year bachelor’s degrees?

3-year bachelor’s degrees are evaluated on a case by case basis. Students must formally apply to find out if their 3 year degree will be accepted.

Do you require an outside evaluation such as a WES?

As long as the transcript are in English we do not require any outside evaluation unless specifically requested by the academic department or if needed for any transfer credits. 

Can I get an application fee waiver

Yes! We do offer waivers for Intensive English Program, Undergraduate and Graduate students. Once a formal contract is signed you will receive this with your recruitment partner information.

What financial information must prospective students submit?

All students must submit their financial support after they are accepted. The Certification of Finances form and bank statement will need to be submitted to receive an I-20 from us.

What is the estimated tuition and costs to attend Wilkes?

Estimated costs can be found on our International Tuition and Scholarships page.

Is an enrollment deposit required for admitted students?

We do require an enrollment deposit for admitted students. We do advise students to wait until they secure the visa to pay the enrollment deposit as it is not refundable.

Make an Enrollment Deposit

What scholarship and financial aid opportunities are available?

There are multiple scholarship opportunities available for undergraduate students.

Find Undergraduate Scholarship Opportunities


Wilkes University offers a limited number of graduate assistant positions. We’re happy to help you with the application process. Email the International Graduate Admissions office at or call 1-800-WilkesU (ext. 4235) with any questions.

Find Graduate Assistant Positions

Intensive English Program

Scholarship & finacial aid is not available for the Intensive English Program.

Can students work on or off campus?

For International students on F-1 student visa the laws regarding work are very strict. By law, students in the U.S. on an F-1 visa are only legally permitted to work on campus for a limited number of hours per week during the semester. It is illegal for an F-1 student to work off-campus. In specific circumstance for Curricular Practical Training ( CPT) off campus employment necessary for your program of study can be considered with your immigration advisor.

In regards to on-campus jobs for students, there are a VERY limited number of positions that an international student is eligible to be able to work in. These positions are also highly competitive and you would not be able to apply until after you arrived at Wilkes. The amount paid to these positions is NOT enough to contribute to your tuition cost or housing. The pay that comes from these positions would only be enough to assist with the cost of books, maybe insurance or snacks.

What is the SEVIS Fee Payment?

The United States Department of Homeland Security (DHS) requires people who want F-1 or J-1 visas to pay a one-time SEVIS Fee before applying for a visa. The SEVIS Fee for F-1 visas is $200. The SEVIS fee for J-1 visas is $180. This is in addition to the normal visa processing fee of US$160. The SEVIS fee helps to pay for SEVIS (Student and Exchange Information System) that U.S. schools use to issue I-20 forms.

How do I apply for my student?

The student must complete the relevant online application below using their own email address. We only accept online applications.

Undergraduate Application

Graduate Application

How will you know the application is for my student?

When applying approved agencies will be able to select their name during the application process so we are able to easily track your students.

What majors do you offer?

All available programs at Wilkes can be found in our interactive program finder.

View Our Programs

What are the admission requirements ?

Admissions requirements can be found on our International Requirements page.

Review Admissions Requirements

How do I apply to live on campus?

Please review the housing application section for more information on how to apply to live on campus.

Apply to live on campus

Can I live off campus?

Yes, students can live off campus, however we do believe students acclimate better to campus and meeting other students if you live on campus for the first year. Students are required to secure their own off campus arrangements as we do not secure them for you.

How can I obtain a visa?

Learn more about the visa process on our visa fact sheet.

When will I get the I-20?

After admission students are required to provide financial documents from within the last 3 month demonstrating they have enough funds for at least one academic year, a copy of the Wilkes Certification of Finances form and their home mailing address and phone number. All packages must be sent directly to the student and cannot be mailed to any recruitment partner. All packages are mailed from Wilkes to the student via UPS and you will be provided a tracking number.

Will you authorize me to become an exclusive recruitment representative in my country?

Our preference is to work with multiple representatives and provide you with the necessary resources to have a successful partnership.

What if we already referred students to Wilkes without a contract in place?

Wilkes cannot pay any commission for students referred to the university without a current contract in place. We can accept your students without a contract, but commission will not be paid unless you have a current contract, and you have invoiced us on time per your contract.

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