Dance Minor

As a dimension of its continuing development in the performing arts, Wilkes University provides a comprehensive program in the field of dance.

Among the fine arts, dance is a "bridging" discipline, one providing a reciprocal bond among the fields of art, music, athletics, psychology and drama. Emphasizing a blending of theory and practice, this program is intended to encourage students to explore another dimension of personal fulfillment while realistically cultivating their potential as physically coordinated, aesthetically sensitive, poised and graceful person.

The total minimum number of credits for a minor in Dance is 18, including a course in Dance History. Additionally, an advanced project in dance composition (DAN 320) is required and will be under the supervision of an instructor.

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Performance Opportunities

Wilkes University's dance performance opportunities allow students to connect with other artistic individuals, encourages participation in the creative practice and broadens their artistic abilities, promoting growth as a dancer and an individual. Wilkes University collaborates with faculty choreographers and highly encourages student choreography. Their accomplishments are demonstrated in various concerts throughout the year.

Dance performance opportunities include:

Faculty & Staff

Mr. Jon P. Liebetrau

Assoc. Professor Theatre/Chair
Performing Arts

Dorothy Dickson Darte Center Room 125
(570) 408-4442

Ms. Kristin M. Degnan Boonin

Dance Director
Performing Arts

Dorothy Dickson Darte Center 204
(570) 408-4429

Lynne M. Esgro

Faculty of Practice Dance
Performing Arts

Dorothy Dickson Darte Center Room 211
(570) 408-4426

Ms. Mary Siejak

Dance Instructor
Music Conservatory

Dorothy Dickson Darte Center

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Kristin Degnan Boonin
Dance Director
(570) 408-4429