E*Value for Preceptors

E*Value is the provider Wilkes has contracted with to provide electronic web-based management of various aspects of our students, schedules, preceptors, experiential sites and curriculum.

Logging in

You can log in to E*Value at e-value.net

If you have forgotten your password or need a login, please contact Julia Jacien at julia.jacien@wilkes.edu. Please note you may change your password once you are logged in by going to the “Home” tab on the left.

First-time/new users

When you log in to E*Value there are links to instructions on how to complete various activities (i.e. verifying coursework, reviewing evaluations completed about you). If you need additional guidance, please contact Kristina Powers at kristina.powers@wilkes.edu.

Helpful notes

The Schedules and Rosters link is where you will find a link to your students’ scheduled dates and their email addresses. Students are told to contact you 1-2 weeks ahead of their start date for first-day instructions, etc.

Students will upload their assignments on E*Value . You will receive email notices regarding uploaded assignments. Required assignments with rubrics must be graded in Coursework. You are welcome to hand-grade other projects if you prefer. Everything uploaded by students should be completely de-identified (HIPAA).

E*Value protects student confidentiality by not releasing preceptor performance data until at least three students have entered evaluations for that rotation. After that, aggregate data is provided. If you want general feedback we are happy to provide it verbally after the rotation. A hard copy of the evaluation they will complete on line at the end of each rotation can be found in the back of the rotation manual. It is good practice to verbally assure that this has been done prior to discussing your final evaluation/grade with the student.

When completing an evaluation for a student, you may work on it and “Save” until you have it done. Once you are ready for the student and the experiential staff at the School to be able to view it in E*Value, please “Submit”.&; it. If you need to make a change after submitting an evaluation please contact the course coordinator.

You will receive automatically-generated emails with links directly to the midpoint and final evaluations when they become available. You can also log in and check for pending evaluations. Reminders will automatically be sent until evaluations are complete.