A LibGuide is an online subject guide created by a librarian to assist you with your research. These guides will direct you to databases, print and e-books, journals, web sites, tutorials, and other resources you may find useful.

Reference Questions

Eugene S. Farley Library will provide you with access to health sciences resources. If you are having difficulty locating specific resources on your topic, the librarians will assist you in identifying searching techniques, controlled vocabulary/authorized subject headings, and searching strategies to find more relevant resources. If we do not have access to a particular resource, you may request it through interlibrary loan.  Please contact the Reference Staff via or see additional contact information at

Interlibrary Loan

If you need an article that is not currently part of our holdings, the Librarian will obtain a copy for you from another library and send it to your location, usually via email, although other delivery methods are available. Please visit for more information on how to request resources, or call 570-408-4256.

Bibliographic Instruction

The Librarians also can provide bibliographic instruction sessions (via Zoom) to familiarize Preceptors with the array of databases, resources, and search tools available from Farley Library.  These can include searching strategies and helpful insights into using our library resources for the maximum benefit.  Please contact the Reference Staff via or see additional contact information at

Wilkes Online Databases

We are pleased to provide you with access to our library resources for educational use through our Wilkes University Portal. Since our licensing agreements only allow for educational use, we have established a system that will allow you access using a login during semesters in which you have students assigned (fall, spring, summer). This will enable you access electronic books, journals and some databases licensed by the school. This should help you support the students' learning if you do not already have access through personal or employer-sponsored accounts.

We will send you an initial email containing login information for at the start of the next semester in which you have students scheduled (approximately early September for fall, early January for spring, and mid-May for summer). At the end of each semester, all access will be refreshed to reflect the new semester's scheduling. If you do not have students on rotation in the next semester your login will be inactivated until the next semester in which students are scheduled with you. Your login will remain the same for future semesters, and you will not receive any new notification regarding access. If you have any problems or questions please let our Office of Experiential Education know.

What may I do?

You may view, reproduce or store materials from these resources provided they are for personal use in connection with your responsibilities as a preceptor. For example, if your student has a question about a certain drug, you may locate information on that subject to share with your student.

What may I not do?

You may not share your username and password with anyone else.

You may not use materials beyond the scope indicated above. For example, you may not print off information to give to a patient or use information for duties related to your full-time employment.

By accessing our resources, you attest that you agree to the terms of these licensing agreements. Any non-compliant usage violates campus-computing policies and may result in loss of university computing privileges.

Farley Library Databases and Indexes