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Thank you for working with Wilkes University Creative Services. We all take great pride in attractive publications and identity and look forward to working with you to reach your publications goals.

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Style and Brand Guidelines (.pdf)

Graphics and Logos

The effective and accurate use of graphics and approved logos is critical to appearance of university publications.

Any use of a Wilkes logo must meet the following requirements:

  • The official Wilkes colors are PMS 295 blue and PMS 116 gold. If you need an explanation of what a PMS color is, please ask.
  • For official usage methods for University logos and fonts, please consult the “Branding Guidelines” section of this Web site.
  • The official logo should not be altered in any way. It should not be stretched or changed out of proportion when placed into documents.
  • The official logo should not be combined with any other symbols. That includes putting artwork onto or behind the logo, manipulating the logo, creating a watermark, using only parts of the graphic rather than the entire logo, as well as pairing the Wilkes logo with another mark.

Logo Library

Please contact Marketing Communications if you have questions about graphics and logo use.

Identity Components

The Wilkes athletics graphic identity system consists of several major components. For further explanation of the proper usage of Athletics graphics, please contact Marketing Communications.

Additional Wilkes Resources

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