What is Merit?What is an achievement?  |  Why should I share achievements on social media and how do I do it?  |  What is “my Merit page?”  |  How do I claim my Merit page? Who can follow me on Merit?

screenshot of wilkes.meritpages  What is Merit?

Merit is an online platform that uses social, print and online media to help you record and promote your various academic and extracurricular achievements in order to attain your academic and career goals. Merit helps you create an online, Wilkes University verified resume that showcases your achievements from enrollment to graduation

Share Your News

What is an achievement?

An achievement is an accomplishment that Wilkes endorses and released to the news media via Merit. Merit sends a copy of your story to your hometown newspaper and records the event on your Merit page. Wilkes grants achievements for:

  • Academic Awards
  • Academic Research and Presentations
  • Community Service
  • Drama or Musical Accomplishments
  • Visual Arts
  • Graduation
  • Honor Society
  • Dean’s List
  • Internships
  • Military Achievements
  • Scholarships
  • Athletics
  • Student Government
  • Study Abroad

You will receive an email notification that you have received a new badge when Wilkes grants you an achievement. The badge will also be attached to your news story. You also have the option of sharing your badges on Facebook and other social media platforms to inform your family, friends, and prospective employers of your achievement.

Why should I share achievements on social media and how do I do it?
To promote your achievements and build your professional online resume you should share your achievements via Merit’s social media tools. Each achievement that you earn contains links to share your badge and news story on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Doing so generates good public relations for yourself as you advance at Wilkes and prepare to apply to graduate school or for employment.Wilkes University Merits

What is “my Merit page?”
Your “my Merit page” is your online account that showcases your achievements. It is a webpage where you can create a powerful professional, positive online identity endorsed and managed by Wilkes. In addition, you can personalize your Merit page by uploading a photo and including information such as your job and school activities. Your Merit page is a good page to share with companies where you are applying for an internship or employment.

How do I claim my Merit page?
When Wilkes grants you an achievement, like being introduced as a first-year student, you will receive an email notification that contains a link to claim your Merit page.
You can also claim your Merit page by following these steps:
  • Visit https://wilkes.meritpages.com/
  •  Use the search box on the Wilkes Merit page to find your own existing Merit page
  • On your page, use the link in the top right hand corner -- "Use Email" -- next to the link to log into your account
  • Click on "Use Email"
  • Enter your Wilkes email address and Merit will send instructions on how to proceed. 

Who can follow me on Merit?
Merit’s “Follow” feature allows friends, family members, and potential employers to find your Merit account and follow your achievements much like a LinkedIn or Twitter account. Merit automatically informs your followers when Wilkes grants you a new achievement. You will be notified when someone follows you and have the option to block followers or opt out of following if you have privacy concerns.