SHINE Policies


(view/download .pdf version with disciplinary referral sheet)

Dear SHINE Parents/Guardians,

Below are the details of the SHINE Student Behavior Policy. The policy has been adopted to ensure all student’s safety at the SHINE After School Program while utilizing any equipment that students may have the opportunity to use. If you have any questions regarding this policy, please contact SHINE at 570-408-4368.

SHINE Student Behavior Policy

  • ALL school rules apply (no bullying, no cell phone usage during the program, etc.)
  • *** Students MUST exhibit interest in participating in the program. Students that refuse to participate on a regular basis or are consistently disruptive and not interested in the projects will be dismissed from the program at once. ***
  • Absolutely No roughhousing during the program or in the computer or technical labs
  • No abuse of SHINE/ CTC equipment/supplies (including electronic) or any equipment found in the technical shops
  • No foul language
  • Keep hands and feet to yourself- No hitting, punching, kicking, poking, etc. 
  • Must stay in school clothes, no changing during program

***The middle school program is based out of a Technical Center, therefore, there may be additional basic safety rules that apply depending on the project and shop students may be working in.


Breaking any of the above rules or any misbehavior designated inappropriate or dangerous at a SHINE teacher’s discretion will have the following consequences: 

  • A referral will be written for students exhibiting any behavior indicated on the SHINE Disciplinary Referral
  • All referrals will accompany a phone call to the student’s parent/guardian 
  • Further action taken will be noted on the referral and communicated to the parent/guardian 
  • Students will be expelled from the SHINE Program at the 3rd referral in a school year (September- May) 

Note: In any case where a student is exhibiting exceedingly dangerous behavior to themselves, other students or staff, immediate expulsion from the SHINE program will result. Parents will be required to pick up the student at the center immediately***

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At SHINE we believe staff, parents and students are entitled to a safe and protective environment in which to work.

Behavior that will cause harassment, alarm or distress to users of the premises is contrary to the aims of the SHINE program.


  • That all members of the SHINE community treat each other with respect. 
  • That all students and adults feel safe on the school site.


  • That all adults set a good example to students at all times, showing them how to get along with all members of the school and the wider community. Parents will display appropriate behavior at dismissal time. 
  • That no members of staff, parents or students are the victims of abusive behavior or open to threats from other adults on the school premises. 
  • Physical attacks and threatening behavior, abusive or insulting verbal or written language to staff, parents/guardians, students and other guests on the school premises will not be tolerated and will result in immediate removal from the school premises. Those who exhibit this behavior will not be allowed to pick up their children at dismissal and will need to make alternative arrangements. 
  • School premises are private property and parents have been granted permission from the school and the SHINE program to be on the school premises. However, in case of abuse or threats to staff, pupils or other parents, the program may ban parents from entering school. Police may be called to assist in removing an adult displaying unruly behavior. 
  • Unacceptable behavior may result in the Police being informed. 
  • The school reserves the right to take any necessary actions to ensure that members of the school community are not subjected to abuse. 
  • Any parent who is asked to leave the school premises will have the right to appeal the decision by writing to the Program Director with 10 days.


Types of behavior that are considered serious and unacceptable and will not be tolerated towards any member of the school community are as follows: 

  • Shouting aggressively, either in person or over the telephone. 
  • Inappropriate posting on Social Networking sites deemed as bullying. 
  • Physical intimidation. 
  • The use of aggressive or rude hand gestures. 
  • Physical or verbal threats. 
  • Swearing
  • Pushing, hitting, slapping, punching or kicking. 
  • Racist, homophobic or sexist comments. 

This is not an exhaustive list but seeks to provide illustrations of such behavior.

  • Elementary students (grades 1-4) must attend SHINE four days/week, each week from September-May.
  • Middle school students (grades 5-8) must attend SHINE at least two days/week, each week from September-May.
  • If your child will be absent, please notify the center’s lead teacher by phone. All center phone numbers are located on the designated monthly calendar. 
  • It is the policy that SHINE teachers call home when a student is absent and no prior notification is given. 
  • If a student does not consistently attend, the SHINE teacher will call home to determine the reason for consistent absences and explain that if the student does not return on the next SHINE day, their spot in the program will be replaced with the next student on the waiting list. Special circumstances will be reviewed and evaluated by SHINE administration.

SHINE students are exposed to many different forms of technology such as computers, laptops, iPads, robots, computer coding kits, and 3D printers. This equipment may be owned by SHINE/Wilkes University or one of the host schools. SHINE students are expected to use this technology in a responsible manor; including handling the equipment with care and not partaking in any activities on the device that would be considered non-educational, inappropriate, or illegal. If a student does partake in such an act, the student may be expelled from the program and held responsible for the repair or replacement of the device.