Grace Kimball Memorial Lecture Series

About the Kimball Lecture Series

The Kimball Lecture Series is named for Grace Kimball, former professor of Microbiology at Wilkes. The Kimball lecturer is chosen by the Wilkes University Biology Department as a scientist who has distinguished themselves in evolutionary biology.

  • Paul Keim, Ph.D. (2017)
    • Northern Arizona University Regents’ Professor in Biology Cowden Endowed Chair in Microbiology
    • Lecture Topic: "Tracking Dangerous Pathogens Using Whole Genome Sequencing – Examples from Anthrax and Cholera"
  • Dr. W. John Kress (2016)
    • Director for Science, Grand Challenges Consortium at the Smithsonian
    • Lecture Topic: "Beyond the Tree of Life: Valuing Museum Collections in the Age of Biodiversity"
  • John C. Moore (2015)
    • Colorado State University Director of Natural Resource Ecology Laboratory; Professor & Head of Ecosystem Science and Sutainability
    • Lecture Topic: "A New Soil Ecology: Lessons from Lives Underfoot"
  • Dr. Robert B. Jackson (2014)
    • Duke University Nicholas Professor of Global Environmental Change in the Nicholas School of the Environment and Earth Sciences
    • Lecture Topic: "The Environmental Costs and Benefits of Shale Gas Development"
  • Dr. Eric Wieschaus (2013)
    • Nobel Laureate, Princeton University
    • Lecture Topic: "The Control of Cell Shape: Where Genetics Meets Cell Mechanics"
  • Dr. Richard H. Baltz (2012)
    • Chief Scientific Officer of CognoGen Biotechnology Consulting
    • Lecture Topic: "Genetic Engineering in Development of Lipopeptide Antibiotics"
  • Dr. Peter Hudson (2011)
    • Willaman Professor of Biology, Pennsylvania State University


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