Wilkes University is pleased to be a partner institution with Verto Education, which offers credit-bearing, first-semester study abroad experiences.

About Verto & Wilkes University's Partnership

Through Wilkes University and Verto Education, you can start college with a Verto semester or year abroad and then transfer seamlessly to Wilkes University to finish your college degree.

On your Verto semester, you’ll earn 12-16 credits from one of Verto’s overseas locations, including:

Through your first semester or year with Verto, you’ll get out of your comfort zone, explore new passions, and build the confidence that you are ready for an epic college career.

After your Verto semester, transfer your new knowledge, skills, and credits to Wilkes University where you’ll be on track to graduate in 4 years.

About Verto

Verto Education helps students discover themselves and the world around them by making education abroad a foundational and accessible part of a four-year college plan. 

With Verto, students can begin college with world-class academics in destinations like England, Spain and Costa Rica - while gaining direct admission to Verto’s 65+ partner colleges, including Wilkes University, earning transferable college credits, and staying on track to graduate.

Verto students walk away with much more than incredible memories and transferable credits; through Verto’s one-on-one counseling and mentorship, they gain the confidence, self-awareness and global perspective needed to thrive in college and in life. 

Interested in Starting Your Wilkes University Journey with a Verto semester abroad?

Apply Today

Apply to Verto today at vertoeducation.org/apply. 

Students who successfully complete a Verto semester are guaranteed transfer to Wilkes University through Verto’s Transfer Guarantee Program


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