Instant Decision

Why wait and worry whether you’ll get into the university of your choice? Wilkes University doesn’t think you should.

That’s why we’re taking some of the anxiety out of the college application process. Transfer students can now find out immediately whether they’ve been admitted to Wilkes.

The process is easy. Call for an on-campus, weekday appointment with a Wilkes admissions counselor. As you tour the Wilkes University campus, admissions officers will review your file and give you an answer before you head home.

When can I receive an Instant Decision?

Transfer students will be eligible for an Instant Decision Monday through Friday after Sept. 15 for the following academic year.


What will I need to bring with me so that I can receive an Instant Decision?

Transfers students are able to receive an instant decision during their visit as long as you complete an online application at least 24 hours before the scheduled visit day, and bring your official college/university transcripts from all institutions attended (transcripts must be in a sealed envelope from the school).

  • Nursing: Instant Decisions are not available for nursing, as there are additional nursing requirements.
  • Pharmacy: Instant Decisions are available for pre-pharmacy, but not for our Professional Pharmacy program as there is a separate application and process for our PharmD Program.
  • Division of Performing Arts: Instant Decisions will be granted for general admissions, but applicants accepted into the University will be required to schedule an audition/interview on specified dates.

Credit evaluations, consisting of how courses will transfer, will be completed separately and mailed with acceptance packets. Please visit our transfer admissions page for information on our transfer process and how your courses may transfer.

Due to volume, the University is unable to offer Instant Decisions to students visiting campus on weekends.

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Campus Visit FAQs

If you have any questions regarding scheduling a visit or receiving an instant decision, please contact our admissions office directly at 800-WILKES-U Ext. 4400 or