Deciding on a Program

Deciding on a Program 

  • Review the programs and then contact Dr. Jeffrey A. Stratford, Director of Study Abroad or call (570) 408-4761 and schedule a meeting to discuss various program options and application procedures.

  • Attend program information meetings, the Study Abroad Fair , seek information on program datelines, costs, scholarships, financial aid, travel plans and credits transfer.

  • Narrow your choices to three or four programs and use the attached Cost Comparison Form to help you decide which of them is most cost effective.

  • Work with your academic advisor, the Director of Study Abroad and possibly your parents to select one.

  • Your academic advisor will assist you in deciding which of your remaining courses can be taken abroad. General education and free elective courses are the best to take abroad.

  • Make an appointment to meet with a Financial Aid Counselor to determine if your Financial Aid is applicable abroad.