Stephens Scholarship

Established by Panos and Debi (Stephens) Kalaritis, the Dr. Joseph Donald Stephens DDS Global Scholars Program seeks to fund high impact study abroad experiences for three Wilkes University students.

Awards are $5000 per student.


The scholarship is available to any undergraduate or graduate Wilkes University student that wishes to participate in:

  • a full-year abroad
  • a semester abroad
  • a summer abroad (4 week minimum)
  • qualified internships

Additionally, eligible students must be willing to:

  • Meet and have dinner with donors.
  • Present travel experiences to the Wilkes University Board of Trustees.
  • Agree to provide regular weekly updates while abroad to the Director of Study Abroad as well as social media.
  • Promote study abroad during open houses, club day, and related events.

How to Apply

To apply, please send:

  • A 1000 - 1500 word essay on your study abroad plans. Your essay should include a statement of the program you are applying for, your current academic status (year and major), your study abroad goals (e.g., credits, research, language skills), your campus leadership experiences, and previous international experiences (none is OK - that's the point of this scholarship).
  • A tentative budget, including airfare, housing, tuition costs, meals, and fees.
  • A letter of support from your advisor sent directly to Dr. Andreea Maierean.

All materials should be submitted to Dr. Andreea Maierean at

The deadline for applications is Oct. 1.

Recent Winners

  • Dillon Davis - Dillon used his Stephens Scholarship to travel to Southampton University, England to study the genetics of macular degeneration.
  • Jacee Yorks - Jacee used her Stephens Scholarship to travel to Australia for a business internship with CAPA external website.