Entrepreneurship Minor 

With an 18-credit minor in entrepreneurship, you will learn to create and recognize opportunities, develop and act on these opportunities, and create value. You’ll explore basic theories of entrepreneurship and its concepts and processes.

Then you’ll apply that knowledge to new situations and strategies and demonstrate the ability to question, assess and use information. You can be involved in developing new products, contribute new perspectives and innovation for existing organizations, and create personal and professional value in the community.

Required courses:

  • MKT 221 Marketing (3 credits)
  • ENT 151 Integrated Management Experience I (3 credits)
  • ENT 152 Integrated Management Experience II (3 credits)
  • (OR BA 153 Management Foundations + ENT-252 or [[LDR-202]]) (3 credits)
  • ENT 201 Nature and Essence of Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • ENT 461 Practicing Entrepreneurship (3 credits) 

Plus two of the following:

  • ENT 203 Innovation and Creativity
  • ENT 252 The Entrepreneurial Leader
  • ENT 321 Analyzing Markets and Competition
  • ENT 342 Entrepreneurial Finance
  • ENT 384 Small Business Consultancy (3 credits) 
  • ENT 385 Technical, Economic & Market Feasibility 
  • ENT 461 Practicing Entrepreneurship (3 credits)
  • ENT 462 Entrepreneurial Internship (3 credits)