Business Ethics Engagement Program

Empowering Students with Business Ethics Consciousness and Skills

The Business Ethics Engagement Program is dedicated to fostering a culture of ethical awareness and responsibility among our students across our diverse programs.

Our program seamlessly integrates the study and application of business ethics into the curriculum, equipping you with the knowledge and skills to make informed ethical decisions in the complex business world.

Why is Business Ethics Important?

In today's globalized landscape, ethical conduct is essential for business success. Responsible businesses not only benefit society but also thrive in the long run. Our program empowers you to be a leader who:

  • Understands key ethical concepts
  • Identifies and analyzes ethical dilemmas
  • Makes sound ethical decisions
  • Demonstrates responsibility and commitment to ethical leadership

Signature Activities

  • Faculty Development: We collaborate with faculty to integrate ethics cases and modules into their courses, ensuring you receive a holistic understanding of ethical considerations in various business domains.
  • Student Engagement
    • MBA New Student Orientation: Our mandatory ethics seminars introduce you to ethical issues from the very beginning of your program.
    • Elective Certificate Courses: We promote and support your participation in our Ethical Business and Leadership Certificate program, deepening your ethical knowledge and leadership skills.
    • Case Competitions: Join our business-ethics case competition teams to develop your skills through real-world scenarios and foster a spirit of healthy competition.
  • Community Outreach
    • Guest Speaker Events: Engage with prominent speakers at our annual events, gaining valuable insights from industry leaders.
    • Panel Discussions: Participate in thought-provoking discussions on current ethical challenges, fostering meaningful dialogue and diverse perspectives.

Expected Outcomes

By participating in our program, you will gain:

  • Increased awareness and understanding of key ethical concepts.
  • Enhanced ability to identify and analyze ethical dilemmas.
  • Stronger critical thinking and ethical decision-making skills.
  • A commitment to ethical leadership and responsible business practices.

Get Involved!

We encourage you to actively participate in our program's activities and events. Explore our website to learn more about upcoming events, resources, and opportunities to get involved. Together, we can create a more ethical and responsible business future.

Contact Us

For any questions or inquiries, please feel free to contact our program director:

Dr. Kedir Tessema