Learning Objectives

Objectives of the MBA Program

Graduates of the MBA program in the Sidhu School of Business and Leadership emphasize the following competencies:

Communication. to enhance the skills necessary to effectively transfer information applicable to any discipline through presentations, team projects, and interactions with peers.

Decision-making. to enable individuals to create and evaluate alternative courses of action as a procedure for making decisions and teach them the mental processes of problem identification and resolution techniques needed to perform critical thinking, enabling them to make important decisions.

Ethics and social responsibility. to provide students with a set of principles that govern actions of moral conduct in order that they might operate ethically in today's business environment and instill in students the concept of acting responsibly in order to benefit and serve society.

Leadership. to develop in students the potential to influence others in order to accomplish organizational goals by exposing them to theories of organizational leadership and development, and fostering that growth with projects throughout the course of their studies.

Professionalism. to develop professional managers, with emphasis on the organization, operation, and control of an enterprise, including international and diverse perspectives.

Team performance. to provide meaningful opportunities to cultivate teamwork throughout the course of studies through various projects.