MBA Degree Requirements


(0 to 3 credits)

MBA 501: Foundations in Statistics

MBA 504: Foundations in Finance

MBA 506: Foundations in Accounting

Business Essentials

(9 credits)

MBA 512: Managerial Statistics

MBA 520: Marketing Management

MBA 550: Organizational Behavior

Decision Making

(9 credits)

MBA 532: Managerial Economics

MBA 540: Financial Management

MBA 560: Financial and Managerial Accounting

Leadership & Ethics

(6 credits)

LDR 500: Leadership Perspectives and Practices

MBA 580: Social, Legal, and Ethical Concepts

Strategy / Capstone

(3 credits)

MBA 591: Strategic Management Policy


(9 credits)


The Foundation and Business Essential courses should be completed first.

In addition, students can choose nine credits of elective courses to complement their business administration program. Students can pursue one of the following tracks:

  • Management
  • Leadership

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