The Inkwell Quarterly

The Inkwell Quarterly is a student-based publication circulated among the Wilkes population as well as prospective students who consider entering the English program. The IQ provides current information about faculty events and students active in the Wilkes’ English program.

Students can choose to join Inkwell Quarterly staff if they hold majors or minors in English. Students interested in joining the staff should be avid writers since they must write articles, contact faculty members, conduct professional interviews, and edit material. As such, all members of the IQ staff engage in a pre-professional experience, and as such, are expected to conduct all matters IQ with professional courtesy.

Students interested in taking Inkwell Quarterly for credit as a 190 course must fulfill at least fifteen hours of work on staff, while attending meetings throughout the semester. English 190 students are expected to fulfill the same publication tasks as non-credit-enrolled students.

The Inkwell Quarterly is published approximately four times per year, depending upon timely submission of materials from staff members. Occasionally, a special edition may be released, such as the Spring 2008 “Best of Kuhar’s Corner” issue.

For any further questions regarding the Inkwell Quarterly, please contact us at

 Inkwell Staff:

  • Faculty Advisor: Dr. Thomas Hamill
  • Managing Editor: Mackenzie Egan
  • Copy Editor: Julia Guziewics and Brian Vu
  • Layout Editor: Erica Bicchetti
  • Staff Photographer: Mmachi Dimoriaku
  • Staff Writers: Emily Banks, Veronica Romanelli, Rashonda Montgomery