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Need help with your writing?

The staff of the Writing Center is trained to assist undergraduate and graduate student writers at Wilkes. During the Fall and Spring semesters we welcome drop in visits as well as scheduled appointments. You can also submit your paper online for assistance anytime. We hope to see you soon!

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About the Writing Center

The Writing Center is located in the Alden Learning Commons in the Eugene S. Farley Library. As a peer mentoring-based academic support resource, the Wilkes Writing Center is staffed by undergraduate peer consultants and a graduate assistant. Writing Center consultants meet with students of all disciplines to assist in every stage of the writing process, including the planning, drafting, and revision of essays.

While the Writing Center does not offer a copy-editing or proofreading service, consultants are happy to offer guidance on specific questions related to grammar, mechanics, and citation. For nursing students, the Farley Library maintains a list of fee-based proofreading and editing services external website approved by the Passan School of Nursing.

Center Services

  • Prewriting

    Writing Center consultants will discuss assignments with students, assisting them as they develop their ideas and begin organizing their essays. Consultants may also advise students in effective reading and studying techniques, such as marking a text, taking notes, and using reference resources.

  • Writing

    Writing Center consultants will offer guidance on essay drafts as they are being written, including offering feedback on thesis statements, paragraph development, organization, citation, and mechanics.

  • Revision

    Writing Center consultants will assist students as they respond to instructors’ comments and help them develop a solid revision strategy.

  • Research

    Writing Center consultants will advise students on effective research techniques, including the use of the library databases and catalog.


The Wilkes University Writing Center exists to provide students with free academic support services that complement writing across the disciplines, thereby promoting academic excellence.

The Writing Center is principally dedicated to supporting student writers as they navigate the various stages of the writing process. Through collaborative peer learning, the Writing Center facilitates students’ growth as writers and critical thinkers, preparing them for lifelong learning, graduate studies, and a variety of professional careers. For its well-trained staff, the Writing Center also provides educational and co-curricular experiences that foster written and oral communication skills, critical thinking capacities, research abilities, and professional development.


The Wilkes University Writing Center is dedicated to:
  • Supporting the development of written communication, oral communication, and research skills that enable innovative academic inquiry, scholarship, and lifelong learning.
  • Supporting the development of critical thinking skills relevant to the various programs of study offered by the university.
  • Providing academic, personal, and professional mentoring experiences that prepare students for lifelong learning, rewarding careers and creative and meaningful lives.


About the Writing Center

Location: The Alden Learning Commons in the Farley Library
Phone: 570-408-2753


Dr. Sean Kelly