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Phone and Video Interviewing

As more employers take advantage of technology, virtual interviewing is becoming more common. To support you in your preparation for virtual interviewing, please see the following resources. As always, feel free to explore the interviewing resources we have listed on our interviewing page.

How to Succeed in a Virtual Interview

How to Succeed in a Phone Interview

Informational Readings on Interviewing with Technology

Job/Internship Search Resources

We welcome you to explore resources listed on our Job Search Resources page and our Current Openings listed on Handshake. Please also explore Candid Career, FOCUS, and our Career Conversations Podcasts to explore possible careers. Before you begin your Job/Internship Search Process, please see our Resume and Cover Letter page to make sure your resume and cover letters are ready to go!

  • Using LINKEDIN: Watch LinkedIn 101 to learn how to enhance your profile and build your network in a few easy steps.
  • Using FOCUS: Please follow the link to register or sign in. When registering, please use the Access code wu08
  • Using Candid Career: Please go to our Career Development page, and click the Candid Career link that is mid-page

How to Succeed in your Job/Internship Search

Job/Internship Search Engines

Informational Readings on the Job/Internship Search

Sidhu Series of Professional Development Workshops/Webinars

The Sidhu Series of Professional Development Workshops/Webinars held 10 sessions during the Fall 2020 semester. There were 22 speakers total, including 15 Wilkes alumni and 10 Executive Advisory Board members.

Sidhu School Welcome Program

Speakers: Jay Sidhu, Dr. Abel Adekola

Redirecting Career Placement Strategy

Speakers: Bridget Turel

Recent Alum Advice and Success Stories

Speakers: Morgan DeAngelo, Grace Boyle

Healthcare Industry - Outlook, Networks & Tips to Career Entry

Speakers: Susan Davis, Will Robinson, Gideon Orion

MBA Information Session and Application Process

Speakers: Karen Alessi, Kristin Donati, Marianne Rexer

2020 and Beyond: The Future of Social Media and Career Exploration

Speaker: Ryan Hertel
Ryan Hertel

Logistics and Supply Chain Industry - Outlook, Networks & Tips to Career Entry

Speakers: Joe Farrell, Herb Kemp

The Current Climate of the Sports Industry

Speaker: Jim Rooney of the Pittsburgh Steelers & author "A Different Way to Win"

Finance & Banking Industry Landscape - Outlook, Networks & Tips to Career Entry

Speakers: Jim Burke, Karen Friar, Bruce Weinstock

Executive Advisory Board Virtual Etiquette and Virtual Networking in Covid Era - for PPD 301

Speakers: Lauretta O'Hara, Bill Jones, Deb Erdner