Professional Officer Course

2- and 4-Year Programs

The final two years of the four-year program comprise the Professional Officer Course (POC). It consists of four three-credit Aerospace Studies courses, a non-credit leadership laboratory each semester, and PT twice weekly. POC cadets earn a monthly stipend, tax-free subsistence allowance during the academic year and incur a military obligation after graduation. To be accepted into the POC, students must pass a physical examination, Air Force Officer Qualifying Test (AFOQT), a physical fitness test, and meet certain academic standards. Cadets must compete for an enrollment allocation for field training which is normally administered the summer before POC entry.  

Recommended Course Sequence

Fifth Semester   Sixth Semester
AS 301 Air Force
Leadership Studies I
3   AS 302 Air Force
Leadership Studies II
AS 303 Leadership Laboratory 0   AS 304 Leadership Laboratory 0
    3       3
Seventh Semester   Eighth Semester
AS 401 National Security Affairs: 3   AS 402 National Security Affairs: 3
  Prep for Active Duty I       Prep for Active Duty II  
AS 403 Leadership Laboratory 0   AS 404 Leadership Laboratory 0
    3       3