Emergency Preparedness

Wilkes University is committed to providing a campus environment that is accessible and, at the same time, safe and secure. The Office of Risk & Compliance Management is responsible for the preparation, prevention and response to emergency events at Wilkes University. The safety of every member of the campus community is of utmost importance to us.

Important Numbers

University Public Safety
Call 570-408-4999 or 4999 from any campus phone

Facilities Services Emergency
Call 570-408-2FIX (2349)

Environmental Emergency
Call 570-408-4999 or 4999 from any campus phone

Fire Emergency
Call 911 from any campus phone.

University Health Services
Call 570-408-4730 or 4730 from any campus phone

Emergency Notification System

Wilkes Alert Logo

The Wilkes Emergency Notification System allows authorized University officials to send news and instructions simultaneously to individuals through text messaging and emails. At least annually, members of the campus community should update contact information on file with the University.


Emergency Response Procedures

Response procedures vary depending on the nature of the incident. It is useful to review the types of emergencies described on this site as you consider when it is appropriate to evacuate a building and when it becomes necessary to shelter-in-place.

Emergency Preparedness Desk Reference Manual

Use this reference guide to learn what to do during emergencies that could impact Wilkes University.Emergencies often happen with little or no warning. The most important thing you can do to keep yourself safe is to prepare and stay calm.