Disbursement for Books and Supplies

Students who have financial aid funds awarded in excess of school charges are eligible to request a book voucher each semester via the student portal.  Book Vouchers are available 14 days prior to the beginning of each semester and close 35 days after the first day of classes. For summer sessions, book vouchers close on July 31.

How to Obtain a Book Voucher

  • Log into the Wilkes Portal and select the Student Services tab.
  • Under My Account, click Book Voucher.

Note: Students may request a book voucher two weeks prior to the beginning of each semester for a maximum amount of $750 per semester.

The book voucher is added to the student’s ID card and the student can then order books online through Barnes & Noble external website. Once the books have been purchased, any unused funds are refunded to the student by the Bursar’s Office.