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Service Learning

Service learning is a pedagogically structured learning experience that combines academic coursework and community service to provide students with the opportunities to transfer the skills taught in the classroom to the “real” world.

Student conducting community service research.Ideally, students work with community partners to identify strengths and areas of need, develop and implement projects that enhance those strengths or that meet identified needs, and then reflect on the value of the experience for the community and themselves.  The community service office is your resource for implementing service-learning into your curriculum. The CSO can also assist in monitoring student progress. Please contact the community service coordinator for more information.


Campus Compact

A searchable database of syllabi by discipline includes hundreds of examples of lesson plans and syllabi that integrate community-based learning. Disciplines vary widely, from chemistry, economics, environmental studies to sociology.

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Program models database gives examples from campuses across the nation. The programs include introductory, intermediate, and advanced practices designed to engage students, faculty, staff, campus and/or the community in engagement projects. This database is a resource for those looking for examples of programs.

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National Service Learning Clearinghouse

An online database of lesson plans, syllabi and curricula offers a range of examples, including syllabi for ongoing courses as well as curricular materials to support one-time or "day of service" introductions to work in the community.

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Pennsylvania Campus Compact (PACC)

Wilkes University is a member of PACC through the community service office. PACC assists campuses with the development and enhancement of their service programs through trainings, technical assistance, grant making and resource development.

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Corporation for National and Community Service

A website that offers a searchable database of effective practices in community-based learning.

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Service-Learning in the Disciplines • American Association For Higher Education

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  • The Practice of Change: Concepts and Models for Service-Learning in Women's Studies , Barbara J. Balliet and Kerrissa Hefferman, eds.

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  • Working for the Common Good: Concepts and Models for Service-Leaning in Management , Paul C. Godfreey and Edward T. Grasso, eds.

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E.S. Farley Library

These organizations offer opportunities and/or information outside of the Wilkes University Office of Community Service.

  • Pennsylvania Campus Compact
  • Campus Compact
  • The Big Dummy's Guide to Service-Learning
  • Learn, Serve, and Surf
  • Michigan Journal of Community Service Learning
  • National Society for Experiential Education
  • The New England Resource Center for Higher Education
  • The National Service-Learning Clearinghouse
  • Wyoming Valley Habitat for Humanity
  • Wyoming Valley Chapter of the American Red Cross