Parking Privileges & Responsibilities

For Wilkes Students & Employees

  1. Those with on-campus permits are entitled to look for a space in their designated lot. However, it does not mean that a parking space is guaranteed.
  2. Parking in all Wilkes University lots is at your own risk.
  3. Faculty/Staff and Commuter Parking Lot Assignment: Faculty/Staff and Commuters can only park in the lots designated as such.
  4. Resident Parking Lot Assignment: Students with a resident permit are only allowed to park in the resident lot to which they were assigned. If a students designated lot is full, the student must contact University Police at non-emergency, 408-4377 to have the illegal vehicles ticketed and/or towed.
  5. Ralston Field Parking Lot Assignment: Ralston Field lot is for Ralston permit holders only. Shuttle buses operate on a continual basis during the spring and fall semesters. Please see shuttle schedule for locations and times.
  6. Guest Parking spots: There are several visitor spots in designated parking lot. Faculty/Staff and students with on campus permits are not allowed to park in any of the designated visitor spots at any time.
  7. Commuter and Employee lots have "Open Access" (no permit needed) Monday thru Friday from 4:30 p.m. to 7:30 a.m. the following day and all day Saturday and Sunday, except for University Towers parking lot. Lots designated as Resident lots require a permit 24 hours a day, seven days a week
  8. Ticketing and towing is enforced year-round.
    1. Parking tickets are $25 and payable at the Bursar’s Office located at 32 W South St, Miller Hall. Failure to pay tickets within 72 hours will result in the immediate debiting of the student’s account. Grades, transcripts, registration, etc. will be withheld if there is any balance in the Finance Office.
    2. Wilkes reserves the right to tow any unauthorized vehicle in a University lot. Unauthorized is defined as including, but not limited to, anyone not displaying the proper permit; displaying no permit; parking in a handicapped space when not authorized to do so; and parking in a no parking zone, driveway, doorway and any other such access way. Towing costs are the responsibility of the person who has been towed.

Questions regarding this statement and/or the official Wilkes University parking policy may be directed to:

University Police Department
148 S Main St (Simms Center Parkade)
Off-campus non-emergency line: 570-408- 4377
On-campus extension: ex. 4377
University Parking