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Student Government plays an important role in the governance, funding and organization of students clubs and organizations. Whether you are interested in starting a new club or currently running an existing one, the resources below will help your club run effectively.

Starting and Maintaining a Club

  1. Review the existing clubs and organizations page and the club constitutions listing to see if your idea would fit under another already established club. If there is a similar club, contact the president to see if you could join and share some ideas.
  2. If there is not a club already established for this topic, start to field interest around campus. Use social media to talk to your peers, post on Today@Wilkes by emailing, and talk to other students who might be interested in joining.
  3. Gather a group of students for an interest meeting, keeping track of the number of students interested and the year they are in school.
  4. Continue to meet with the group of students brainstorming ideas for club activities, fundraisers, and community service. All clubs are given $300 a year to aid in club costs. Discuss what the $300 would be used for.
  5. Find a faculty or staff member who would be most related to the topic of the club. Contact said person about being an advisor for the club. Show him or her the information you have gathered thus far.
  6. Meet with the Student Government President and Parliamentarian to discuss your club idea and begin to draft a constitution.
  7. Complete the constitution with your fellow interested students by researching the constitutions of other University clubs and organizations.
  8. Work with your peers and advisor to complete the Club Recognition Form (.docx).
  9. Request to be placed on the Student Government Agenda for Club Recognition by contacting Student Government ( You must send the constitution and Club Recognition form to the President of Student Government as well for review by the board. Bring a few of the interested students to the meeting to help support the cause and explain why this club is needed at Wilkes University.
  10. This is a two week process, meaning the first week your group must go to the Executive Board and General Board meetings. The next week is when the group will vote on the cause. The first week you will present your club and the constitution. The second week you will reiterate the need for the club and answer any questions.
  • Club Presidents must attend Council of the Club events hosted by Student Government and Student Development.
  • Clubs must complete at least one community service project per semester.
  • Clubs must present a Club Report annually at a Student Government meeting, using the Club Report form found online. 
  • Create a paragraph mission statement describing the club’s mission or purpose, and what it hopes to achieve. Include how being in the club gives the members and the campus community benefits that they do not enjoy already.
  • Draft a notice of intent to organize a new club/organization and advertise it campus-wide.
  • Create a flier or brochure or another form of marketing material that speculates interest.
  • Secure a table at Club Day through Student Government, and pick a date for the organizational meetings.
  • Hold organizational meetings and produce:
    1. Club Officer Elections
    2. Club Constitution (which should include)
      1. Club/organization name
      2. Statement of open membership
      3. Statement of purpose
      4. Officers and duties
      5. Elections and voting eligibility
      6. Provision for removal and replacement of officers
      7. Provision for amendments and revisions
  • Finalize Club Advisor
  • Create a timeline of events and expectations for the academic year
  • Finalize the constitution and fill out the SG club recognition form
  • Present to SG over a two week period to be approved as a club
  • Complete Council of the Clubs in order to secure $300
  • Promote your events on Presence and The Colonel Guide

The Council of Clubs

Each semester, Student Government hosts a Council of the Clubs training, covering information, policies and procedures that are helpful and important to running a club or organization effectively and properly. This training is a requirement for club funding.

Please contact for more information or to schedule a training session!

Existing Student Clubs and Organizations

A full listing of active recognized clubs can be found on the Student Clubs and Organization page.

Existing Student Clubs and Organizations

Club Constitutions

All recognized clubs are required to have a club constitution. A full listing of constitutions can be viewed below.