Wilkes University

Professional Development School

Professional Development Schools are innovative institutions formed through partnerships between professional teacher education programs and prekindergarten through 12th grade schools.


  • preparation of new teachers,
  • faculty development,
  • inquiry directed at the improvement of practice, and
  • enhanced student achievement.

Professional Development Schools at Wilkes University

In 2011, Wilkes University and the Wilkes-Barre Area School District established a Professional Development School at Heights/Murray Elementary School. Students enrolled in courses with a PDS component split classroom time between the Wilkes campus and the K-6 classroom. At Heights/Murray, Wilkes education students work side-by-side in an urban school with practicing teachers and Wilkes faculty to study and implement best practices in educating elementary students for 21st century learning.


The Wilkes University School of Education is offered two days of professional development training completely free for K-12 classroom teachers. You can access the content from these webinars below.