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Praxis Information

Taking the Praxis Tests

  1. PPST Tests should be taken and passed during the sophomore year or the semester in which the candidate is registered for ED 190: Effective Teaching with Field Experience. Transfer students with more than 24 credits should pass Praxis I prior to matriculation.
  2. PPST Tests must be passed in order to enroll in Education and methods courses numbered higher than the 300-level.
  3. PPST Tests must be passed in order to register for Student Teaching.
  4. Praxis II Tests should be taken during the end of junior year or beginning of senior year.
  5. For Special Education candidates, it is recommended that the Education for Exceptional Students Test be taken during or immediately after EDSP 389 / 302 Issues and Topics in Special Education.

All tests must be completed and passed to be recommended for state certification.

About Praxis Tests

Praxis Test Requirements in Pennsylvania

Praxis tests are a series of national teacher exams developed by the Educational Testing Service (ETS) that are required for teacher certification in most states, including Pennsylvania. There are three Pre-Praxis tests, referred to as Praxis I PPST exams, in Reading, Writing, and Mathematics. Each PPST is one hour and all three tests can be completed in one testing session. PPST tests must be taken and passed prior to admission to the Education Department and Student Teaching.