Barre Scholars Program

If you’re a student looking for exceptional opportunities to set yourself apart from the crowd and challenge yourself academically, explore Wilkes University’s prestigious Barre Scholars Program. Admitted students with excellent academic credentials may be invited to become a Barre Scholar.


Focused on academic distinction and opportunity, these elite scholars will take advantage of enhanced educational offerings such as:

  • faculty-led research presentations and discussions;
  • enhanced access to faculty-led research;
  • priority access to non-federal work-study opportunities.

They will also be eligible to apply for the $1000 Isaac Barre Prize for academic achievement in their graduation year.

Other benefits include:

  • waived course overload fees and tuition costs (take more than 18 credits for no additional charge);
  • an escalating scholarship that rewards students who remain in the program of $500 the first year, $1000 the second year, $1500 the third year, and $2000 the final year;
  • a $250 educational stipend to support your educational needs;
  • the ability to register for Honors sections (&H) of courses and have that designation on academic transcripts;
  • notation on student transcript and recognition during commencement ceremony;
  • special access to campus events and speakers.


No additional application is needed! Wilkes applicants with a 3.8 or higher cumulative high school grade-point average will be considered. In addition, you must meet at least one of the following criteria:

  • SAT score of 1200 or higher, or ACT score of 25 or higher (if available)
  • score of 3 or higher on at least one Advanced Placement exam
  • completion of at least three Advanced Placement or honors courses in high school
  • completion of at least two college-credit, dual-enrollment courses in high school

Qualified students may participate in both the Barre Scholars Program and the Honors Program.

Those invited to the Barre Scholars Program will be notified and must declare their intent to enroll.


GPA requirements for Barré Scholars to remain in good standing:

  • 3.3 after two terms at Wilkes
  • 3.4 after four terms at Wilkes
  • 3.5 after six terms at Wilkes
  • 3.6 after eight terms at Wilkes/to meet all Barré Program completion requirements

About Col. Isaac Barre

The Barre Scholars Program is named for Col. Isaac Barré (1726-1802), who was born in Dublin, Ireland, the child of Huguenot refugees who had fled persecution in their native France. After a career in the British army, he rose to prominence as a fierce defender of the freedom of speech and the rights of the American Colonists as a member of the British Parliament. He christened Americans who opposed taxation without representation as true "sons of liberty" and was honored by having his name affixed to the newly founded Wilkes-Barre settlement in 1769.

Barre rose from humble beginnings and earned respect through his scholarly abilities. He valued the free exchange of ideas even when they were unpopular. And he was not afraid to speak truth to power.

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