The Nesbitt School of Pharmacy is dedicated to providing exceptional training to pharmacy residents in the areas of Pharmacy Practice (PGY-1) and Primary Care Pharmacy Practice (PGY-2).  The values we hold true in educating students is the same for that of our residents.

"The primary mission of the School of Pharmacy is to provide a dynamic, challenging and comprehensive curriculum, focused on the future, that will serve as the foundation for life long learning and practice. Our graduates will be able to provide quality patient care in a wide range of health systems, in metropolitan and rural areas, and will be potential leaders in the profession."

"Consistent with Wilkes tradition, the School of Pharmacy brings together qualified students and a dedicated faculty and staff from a variety of disciplines in a supportive atmosphere that encourages each student's intellectual and personal development."

"Although our primary mission is professional education, research and practice are valued primarily as they support our commitment to educational excellence and faculty development. Finally, we seek to be a good corporate citizen through meaningful service to the University, the profession and the local community."